International Journal of Agriculture Food Science & Technology (IJAFST)


Volume 4  Number 3 spl.   (2013)





Development of a Compound Parabolic Solar Concentrator to Increase Solar Intensity and Duration of Effective Temperature
pp. 161-168
Authors: A. Borah, S.M. Khayer and L.N. Sethi

Recurrence of Drought in Nigeria: Causes, Effects and Mitigation
pp. 169-180
Authors: Abubakar, I.U., and M.A. Yamusa

Ethics of Food Security Strategies
pp. 181-188
Author: Alan S. Weber

Sustainable Food Waste Prevention Strategies to Achieve Food Security in India
pp. 189-194
Authors: Vivek S. Agrawal and Ambika Nag

Integrated Nutrient Management in Maize (Zea Mays L.) for Increasing Production with Sustainability
pp. 195-206
Authors: A.H. Kalhapure, B.T. Shete and M.B. Dhonde

Utilization of Azolla Microphylla as Feed Supplement for Crossbred Cattle
pp. 207-214
Authors: A. Chatterjee, Puneet Sharma, M.K. Ghosh, M. Mandal and P.K. Roy

Influence of Germination on Physico chemical Properties of Amaranth (Amaranthus Spp.) Flour
pp. 215-220
Authors: Arti Chauhan and Sukhcharns Singh

Development of Banana-soy Sesame Based Weaning Food for Malnourished Children
pp. 221-226
Authors: Atul Anand Mishra, R.N. Shukla, Prakash Chandra Guggi and Sugandha Singh

Application of NaCl for Cultivation of Isolated Botryococcus Braunii Strains
pp. 227-232
Authors: Rashmi Tyagi, Tanisha Manchanda, Avdesh Bhardawaj and R.B. Bajpai

Thermal Diffusivity Variations of Potato during Precooling in Natural Convection Environment
pp. 233-238
Authors: Basharat Jamil and Naushad Ahmad

Resource Optimisation in Rice through Direct Seeding by Drum Seeder
pp. 239-246
Authors: C. Chandrasekhararao, S. Jitendranath and T.G.K. Murthy

Development of Papads A Traditional Savoury with Pudina (Mint) Leaves
pp. 247-252
Authors: D. Kodandaramreddy and Kavita Waghray

Resource Use Efficiency of Bt Cotton and Non-Bt Cotton in Haveri District of Karnataka
pp. 253-258
Authors: K. Manjunath, P.S. Dhananjaya Swamy, B.R. Jamkhandi and N.N. Nadoni

Influence of Varieties and Pretreatments on Quality of Osmo-dehydrated Banana
pp. 259-262
Authors: Ravi Police Patil, S.L. Jagadeesh, G.J. Suresha and Netravati

Salinity Effect of Stress on Germination of Wheat Cultivars
pp. 263-268
Authors: Abbas Biabani, Hamideh Heidari and Mosarreza Vafaie-Tabar

Development of Vitamin a Rich Low Fat Cottage Cheese Using Carrot Pulp
pp. 269-274
Authors: Dayal B., Daniel M. and Zaidi G.

Socio-economic Profile of Street Food Vendors and Quality Evaluation of Samosa and Panipuri in Allahabad City, (UP) India
pp. 275-280
Authors: Gawande H.A., Mishra A.A., Shukla R.N. and Jyoti Jain







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