International Journal of Agriculture Food Science & Technology (IJAFST)


Volume 4  Number 4  spl.     (2013)





Gujaratís Agricultural Growth Model: How Sustainable it is? 
pp. 281-286
Authors: Itishree Pattnaik and Amita Shah

System of Rice Intensification Vs. Conventional System: A Case of Gujarat
pp. 287-290
Author: Jharna Pathak


Mobility of Cadmium in Sewage Sludge Applied Soil and its Uptake by Radish (Raphanus Sativus L) and Spinach (Spinacia Oleracea)

pp. 291-296
Authors: Jitendra Singh, Kishan Singh Rawat and Amit Kumar

Adsorption of Heavy Metal Cations in Sewage Sludge Applied Soil and its Behavior in Spinach (Spinacia Oleracea)
pp. 297-302
Author: Jitendra Singh

Studies on Kinetics of Moisture Removal from Spinach Leaves
pp. 303-308
Author: Ankita and K. Prasad

Studies on Spinach Powder as Affected by Dehydration Temperature and Process of Blanching
pp. 309-316
Authors: Ankita and K. Prasad

Moringa Oleifera Leaf as Functional Food Powder: Characterization and Uses
pp. 317-324
Authors: Y. Singh and K. Prasad

Effect of Paddy Parboiling and Rice Puffing on Physical, Optical and Aerodynamic Characteristics
pp. 325-330
Authors: S. Kumar and K. Prasad

Quality of Dehydrated Carrot Shreds as Affected by Partial Juice Extraction through Hydraulic Press
pp. 331-336
Authors: Raees-ul Haq, Y. Singh, P. Kumar and K. Prasad


Functional Foods, Nutrition, Nutraceuticales & Bioactive Development of Chicken Meat Cutlets Incorporating Functional Ingredients

pp. 337-342
Author: Kanchan Kumari

Indian Agriculture- Status, Importance and Role in Indian Economy
pp. 343-346
Author: Kekane Maruti Arjun

Study of Absorption behaviour, Functional and Pasting Properties of Pearl Millet Soaking under Different Chemical Stresses
pp. 347-352
Authors: M.S. Sibian, D.C. Saxena and C.S. Riar

Socio-economic Status of Hill Farmers: An Exploration from Almora District in Uttarakhand 
pp. 353-358
Authors: M.L. Roy, Nirmal Chandra, H.L. Kharbikar, Pratibha Joshi and Renu Jethi

Hunger and Under-nutrition in Green Revolutionary State of Punjab
pp. 359-370
Author: Manisha Bhatia

Oil Extraction Optimization and Kinetics from Moringa Oleifera (PKM 1) Seeds
pp. 371-378
Authors: Monica Premi and H.K. Sharma

Food Micro-nutrients & Organic (Natural) Farming 
pp. 379-384
Authors: Muralidhar Acharya M.S, M.D (Alt.Med.) and Krishi Yoga Kendra

A Study on Knowledge and Adoption of Farm Mechanization by Paddy Grower in Tungabhadra Project Area, Karnataka
pp. 385-390
Authors: Nagaraj, P.S. Dhananjaya Swamy, A. Madhushree and B. Vidyadhara





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