International Journal of Agriculture Food Science & Technology (IJAFST)


Volume 4  Number 6 spl.  (2013)





Studies on Development, Quality Evaluation and Packaging Materials on the Storage Stability of Snack Food (SEV)

pp. 515-522

Authors: Shukla Saurabh, Jain Jyoti, GenithaT.R. and Tirkey Vikas P.R.


Performance Evaluation of Natural Convection Grain Dryer using Phase Change Material for Quality Drying of Paddy

pp. 523-530

Authors: S.S. Mohapatra, D.V.N. Lakshmi and P. Mahanta


Technologies for Water-saving Irrigation in Rice 

pp. 531-536

Authors: Smita Singh, U.N. Shukla, I.M. Khan, Anchal Sharma, Kshitiz Pawar, Deepak Srivastawa, VANDANA Sisodia, L.B. Singh,M. Jerman and Satish Singh


Effect of Osmotic Agents on Intermediate Moisture Aonla Segments during Storage

pp. 537-542

Authors: S. Panwar, R. Gehlot and S. Siddiqui


Effect of Stabilizer on Sensory Characteristics and Microbial Analysis of Low-fat Frozen Yoghurt Incorporated with Carrot Pulp

pp. 543-552

Authors: Stuti Agarwal and Ranu Prasad


Simulation of Crop Growth Model for Agricultural Planning

pp. 553-560

Authors: S. Patel, S. Mohanty and B.K. Pal


Optimization of Ethanol and Potassium Sorbate Treatment for Minimizing Postharvest Losses in Onion Bulbs (Allium Cepa L. cv. Sukhsagar)

pp. 561-570

Authors: P. Guha and S. Basak


Environmental Health Risks Associated with Agriculture Based Sewage

pp. 571-578

Author: Surendra Kumar Yadav


Influence of Non-monetary and Low Cost Input in Sustainable Summer Pearlmillet (Pennisetum Glaucum L.) Production

pp. 579-588

Authors: S.P. Deshmukh and J.G. Patel


A Study on the Thermo-tolerance at Germination and Seedling Stage in Indian Mustard [Brassica Juncea (L.) Czern & Coss]

pp. 589-594

Authors: T.P. Muhammed Azharudheen, D.K. Yadava, Naveen Singh, Sujata Vasudev, Rajendra Singh and K.V. Prabhu


Ecological Risk Assessment for Soil Toxicity Opens Ways for Soil Management

pp. 595-600

Authors: Surendra Kumar Yadav and Govind Chandra Mishra


Effect of Noni Leaf Flour on Eggs Productivity of Quail

pp. 601-606

Authors: T.E.A. Sinar, T.M. Wardiny and Dan Taryati


The Effect of Morinda Citrifolia L Leaf Extract on Quality of Quail Egg

pp. 607-612

Authors: T.M. Wardiny, T.E.A. Sinar and Taryati


Spatial Soil Toxicity Estimation Methodology for Improving Soil Fertility Using GIS Modeling

pp. 613-620

Authors: Surendra Kumar Yadav


Food Security Vs Nutritional SecurityŚneed for Multi-sectoral Convergence

pp. 621-626

Authors: V. Sangeetha, J.P. Sharma, R.R. Burman and V. Lenin


Implications of National Food Security Ordinance (NFSO)

pp. 627-634

Authors: P. Venkatesh, R. Sendhil and V. Sangeetha


Biodiversity Management Open Avenues for Bioprospecting

pp. 635-642

Authors: Surendra Kumar Yadav and Govind Chandra Mishra





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