International Journal of Agriculture Food Science & Technology (IJAFST)


Volume 4  Number 7  spl.  (2013)





Effect of Intercropping Systems on Intercrops & Weeds
pp. 643-646
Authors: Ashish Kiroriwal and R.S. Yadav

Study on Preferred Food Items of Hilsa (Tenualosa Ilisha)
pp. 647-658
Authors: Debasis De, P.S. Shyne Anand, Subhasmita Sinha1and V.R. Suresh

Performance Evaluation of Rice Cultivation Methods under Different Varieties and Irrigation Regimes on Water Productivity
pp. 659-660
Authors: Dinesh Kumar, A. Sarangi, K.K. Bandyopadhyaya, D.K. Singh, Lalit Kumar and Nain Singh

Agronomy and Cultivation Methods for Edible Seaweeds
pp. 661-666
Author: Bast Felix

Management of Guava Wilt by Biological Agent
pp. 667-670
Authors: Asma Naz, Huma Naz and Shabbir Ashraf

Comparative Physical Characteristics of Linseed (Linum Usitatissimum) Kernels
pp. 671-678
Authors: Sugandha Sharma and K. Prasad

Study on Thin Layer Drying Characteristics Star Fruit Slices
pp. 679-686
Authors: K.K. Dash, S. Gope, A. Sethi and M. Doloi

Preying Propensity of Larvae/ Grubs of Syrphid and Coccinellid Predators on Mustard APHID, Lipaphis Erysimi (KALT.)
pp. 687-694
Author: Kuldeep Singh

Effect of Biofertilization on Yield and Quality of some Potato Cultivars (Solanum Tuberosum L.)
pp. 695-702
Authors: M.I. Farag Jr, M. Aly Abdalla, M.F. Mohamed and M.H. Aboul-Nasr

Dietary Supplementation of Animal Fat on Carcass and Sensory Characteristics of Pigs
pp. 703-704
Authors: N. Elanchezhian, Ally K., Mercy, A.D., Gangadevi, P., Kuttinarayanan, P. and Usha, A.P.

Replacement of Maize by Animal Fat on Lipid Profile of Pigs
pp. 705-706
Authors: N. Elanchezhian, Ally K., Mercy, A.D., Gangadevi, P., Kuttinarayanan, P. and Usha, A.P.

Antioxidant and Nutritional Activity Studies of Green Leafy Vegetables
pp. 707-712
Authors: R.K. Yadav, P. Kalia, Raj Kumar and Varsha Jain

Food Security Bill; A Tool for Right to Live/ Liability
pp. 713-720
Authors: Reshma Gills and J.P. Sharma

A Review on Studies of Post-harvest Fungicides Diseases of Some Fruits
pp. 721-724
Authors: Rinki Singh and Pramila Tripathi

Suitability of Wheat Flour Blends with Malted Cowpea Flour for Noodle Making
pp. 725-726
Authors: Ritika B. Yadav, Mahima Saini and Baljeet S. Yadav


Effect of Water and Nitrogen Management on Water Productivity and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Wheat in a Semi-arid Environment

pp. 727-732
Authors: S. Pradhan, UK. Chopra, KK. Bandyopadhyay, R. Singh, AK. Jain and Ishwar Chand

Performance of Different Varieties of Pea (Pisum Sativum L.) under Organic Farming Conditions in Mid Himalayas
pp. 733-738
Authors: Sanjay Chadha, Rameshwar, JP Saini, and Surender Sharma





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