International Journal of Agriculture Food Science & Technology (IJAFST)


Volume 4  Number 9 spl.  (2013)





Plant Whisperer
pp. 841-846
Authors: Anagha Bhilare, Avi Bhagat, Naman Jain, Bhavin Karia, Shalaka Sharma and And Urvi Shah

Weather Based Agromet Advisories for Enhancing the Production and Income of the Farmers under Changing Climate Scenario
pp. 847-850
Authors: Ananta Vashisth, R. Singh, D.K. Das and R. Baloda

Performance Modeling and Availability Analysis of Skim Milk Powder Production System of a Dairy Plant
pp. 851-858
Authors: Anil Kr. Aggarwal, Sanjeev Kumar and Vikram Singh

Isolation of Starch from Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) and its Morphological Study using Scanning Electron Microscopy
pp. 859-866
Authors: D. Kodandaram Reddy and M.G. Bhotmange

Simulation of Impact of Projected Climate Change and Strategic Intervention to Minimize their Adverse Effect on Wheat
pp. 867-872
Authors: R.K. Pal, M.N.N. Rao and N.S. Murty

Organic Farming
pp. 873-880
Authors: Anjali Sunil, Aparna P, Gayathri Baburaj, Sowmya K and Sreedhanya R

Sustainable Agriculture and Land Management 
pp. 881-886
Author: Anagha Bhilare

Farmer Suicide’s in Karnataka with Globalization Period 
pp. 887-892
Author: Naveen Kumar. C

Sustainable Food Farming: A Study in a College Campus
pp. 893-900
Authors: P. Sai Charan1, J. Ravi Kiran, R. Yoganadh, V. Sumanth and N. Sravan Krishna

Quality Characteristics of Dried Jahaji banana Chips after Deep Fat Frying
pp. 901-908
Authors: Purba Prasad Borah and Prakash Kumar Nayak

Agro-meteorological Indices to Predict Plant Stages and Yield of Wheat for Foot Hills of Western Himalayas
pp. 909-914
Authors: R.K. Pal, M.N.N. Rao and NS. Murty

Effect of Modified Atmosphere Storage Conditions on Biochemical Parameters of Bell Peppers
pp. 915-922
Authors: R. Renu and Chidanand. D. V

Moisture Sorption Studies of PEO/ Starch Blended Films for Food Packaging Applications
pp. 923-932
Authors: R.S. Jagadish and Baldev Raj

Organic Farming A Way to Sustainable Agriculture 
pp. 933-940
Authors: Iyer Shriram Ganeshan, Manikandan.V.V.S, Ritu Sajiv, Ram Sundhar.V and Nair Sreejith Vijayakumar

Small Scale Aquaponic System
pp. 941-946
Authors: Rashmi Menon, Sahana G.V., Shruthi V and Suganya R





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