International Journal of Agriculture Food Science & Technology (IJAFST)


Volume 5  Number 3  (2014)





Effect of Maillard Reaction on the Antioxidant properties and Amino acid content of Amblypharyngodon mola of the Eastern Himalayas
pp. 117-124
Authors: Ch. Sarojnalini and W. Sarjubala Devi


Managerial issues for Green Marketing in Food Processing Industry of India
pp. 125-134
Authors: F M Khan and S Ahmad


An Assessment of Early Adoption of Improved Cassava Varieties in Bo District, Southern Sierra Leone
pp. 135-140
Authors: A J Johnson, A K Lakoh, E N Saidu and F Kobba


Nutraceuticals from Coriander Oil
pp. 141-144
Authors: Imran Husain and Archana Tiwari


Effect of Supplementation of Animal Fat on Growth and Feed Conversion Efficiency in Large White Yorkshire Pigs
pp. 145-154
Authors: N.Elanchezhian, Ally K., Mercy, A.D., Gangadevi, P, Kuttinarayanan, P. and Usha, A.P


Effect of replacement of maize by animal fat on cost of production in Large White Yorkshire pigs
pp. 155-162
Authors: N.Elanchezhian, Ally K., Mercy, A.D., Gangadevi, P.,Kuttinarayanan, P. and Usha, A.P


Impact of Nutrition Counseling on Food Safety Awareness and Attitude of the Respondents Belonging to Slum Areas of Ludhiana
pp. 163-170
Authors: Preeti and Sonika Sharma


Design of Cold Storage Structure For Thousand Tonne Potatoes
pp. 171-178
Author: Priyanka Sakare


Ensuring Food Safety in Grapes through Good Agricultural Practices
pp. 179-184
Authors: Sukanya Som, Jasna, V. K., R. Roy Burman, V. Sangeetha and J. P. Sharma


Socio Economic Impact of Climate Resilient Technologies
pp. 185-190
Authors: Jasna, V. K., Sukanya Som, R. Roy Burman,R. N. Padaria and J. P. Sharma


Low-Cost Polyhouse Technologies For Higher Income and Nutritional Security
pp. 191-196
Authors: R.K.Yadav, P.Kalia, H. Choudhary, Zakir Husainand BrihamaDev


Production of Instant Tea Powder by Spray Drying
pp. 197-202
Authors: Pandey R.K., Manimehalai N.


A Linear Driving Force (LDF) approximation of moisture uptake kinetics in Soybean
pp. 203-210
Authors: Abhishek Dutta, Runni Mukherjee, Tanmay Sarkar, Zehra Pınar and Runu Chakraborty


Studies to Enhance the Shelf Life of Fruits Using Aloe Vera Based Herbal Coatings: A Review
pp. 211-218
Authors: Simple Kumar and Tripti Bhatnagar


Convective Drying of Osmo-Dehydrated Sapota Slices
pp. 219-226
Authors: Suchita V. Gupta and Bhagyashree N. Patil 


Efficacy of Micronutrient fortified Extruded Rice in Improving the Iron and Vitamin A status in Indian Schoolchildren
pp. 227-238
Authors: Syed Zameer Hussain, Baljit Singh and A.H.Rather





























































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