International Journal of Agriculture Food Science & Technology (IJAFST)


Volume 5  Number 4  (2014)





Preperation of Red Wine by Blending of Grape (vitis vinifera L.) and Jamun (Syzygium cuminii L. Skeels) Juices Before Fermentation
pp. 239-348
Authors: Charul Chaudhary, B. S. Yadav and R.B. Grewal


Response Surface Methodology of Osmotic Dehydration for Sapota Slices
pp. 249-260
Authors: Bhagyashree N. Patil, Suchita V. Gupta and VaishaliR.Wankhade


Studies on the Effect of Foaming Process Parameters on Production of Stable Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) Foam
pp. 261-266
Authors: N. Manimehalai, P. Gurumoorthi and P. Rajkumar


Assessment of Genetic Diversity in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) GERMPLASM
pp. 267-272
Authors: Mohd Shamshad, S.K. Dhillon, Vikrant Tyagi and Javed Akhatar


The Role of Multi-modal Logistics on Food Supply Transport & Storages in India
pp. 273-278
Authors: N. JENA & Dr. Nitin Seth


Financial Feasibility on Rehabilitation of Tank Systems and its Impact on Farm Economy
pp. 279-286
Authors: Naveena, K. P, Mangala, K.P. and Somashekar, K.S


A Rapid Analytical Method Using Flow Injection Preconcentration of Zinc on Dithizone Impregnated on Amberlite XAD-2 and its Determination in Water Samples by FAAS
pp. 287-296
Authors: Prem Lata Meena, Reena Saxena and Niharika Sharma


Effect of Long-Term Application of Inorganic Fertilizers and Organic Manure on Yield, Potassium Uptake and Distribution of Potassium Fractions in the New Gangetic Alluvial Soil under Jute-Rice-Wheat Cropping System
pp. 297-306
Authors: S.P. Mazumdar, D.K. Kundu, D. Ghosh, A.R. Saha, B. Majumdar and A.K. Ghorai


Effect of Freshwater Crab shell Fog as Organic Fertilizers
pp. 307-314
Authors: Surya Anjani Kumar Sarva and Archana Giri


Studies on Effect of EMS (Ethyl Methanesulphonate) on Papaya (Carica papaya L) Seeds under in-vitro Culture
pp. 315-324
Authors: Yogesh Prasad Rajbhar, Sahab Lal, Mahesh Kumar, Gopal Singh, Anil Kumar and Syed Sami Ullah


Isolation of Salt Tolerant Strains of Rhizobium Trifolii
pp. 325-332
Author: Harashit Kumar Mandal

































































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