International Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering (IJAME)



Volume 12  Number 1  (2022)






Two Phase Flow of Stratified Incompressible Viscous Fluid Between Two Semi-Infinite Parallel Plates Partially Filled With Porous Medium Under Transverse Magnetic Field Applied Only in the Porous Region
pp. 1-7
Dr. Shiva Shanker K and Dr.Venumadav.K


Joint Strength Analysis of Single Lap Joint in Glass Fiber Composite Material
Maha Abdelhaq

Design and Devlopment of All Wheel Nut Remover for Automotive
Mueen Uddin

Mechanical Behaviour Of Calotropis Reinforced Vinyl Ester Composite
Kai Dong and Zhen Ling

Fatigue behaviour of friction stir welded AZ61A Magnesium alloy joints
Xiangyu Xia

Fuzzy Logics with GA and RSM model for the Optimization of the Hard Turning of AISI M2Steel
Haibo Ye