International Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering (IJAME)



Volume 8  Number 2  (2018)





Case Study on Heat and Mass Balance of Single Pan Jaggery Plant

pp. 143-151

Sunildatta N. Kulkarni and Babruvahan P. Ronge


Vibration Energy Harvesting From Power Producing Devices

pp. 153-159

Vahid M.Jamadar, Kuldip A.Rade, Sandip S. Kanase and Abhijeet S. Suryawanshi


Mechanical Vibration Test on Pottery Clay Lap Shear Adhesive Sample by Resonance Search Tracked and Dwelled method

pp. 161-163

M.S.Vijaykumar and R.Saravanan


Design & Development of Regenerative Braking System at Rear Axle

pp. 165-172

Ketan Warake, S. R. Bhahulikar and N. V. Satpute


Noise Pollution Produced by Vehicles that Circulating the Urban Center of the City of Machala

Xin Wang and Dafang Zhang


Definition of Accuracy of Qualitative Correspondence Matrixes for Indirect Traffic Flow Control and Regulation

Xin Su and Wenjia Li


Performance Analysis of Linear Polarization Antenna in 2.45 GHz on Body Communications

Xin Su


High Dimensional Quality Control Chart: A Case Study of “Baju Kurung” Manufacturing Industry

Sufang Zhou


Deep Neural Network for Runway Visual Range Estimation

Shundong Li and Jiawei Dou






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