International Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering (IJAME)



Volume 9  Number 2  (2019)






Optimization of delamination factor in drilling of carbon fiber filled compression molded GFRP composite
Qing Pan, Hyun-Jun Shin, Kyoung-Woo Cho and Chang-Heon Oh

A CFD Analysis to Compare the Performances of Fin and Tube Heat Exchangers having Different Augmentation Techniques
Xenofon Foukas, Xenofon Foukas and Kimon Kontovasilis

Magnetization of Diesel fuel for Compression Ignition Engine to Enhance Efficiency and Emissions
Mahesh K. Marina and Long Zhang

Solar Energy Harvesting Using Nanotechnol
Wanxia Qu and Yinjia Huo

Experimental Investigation of temperature in Fins
Yang Guo

Performance characteristics of CI Engine fuelled Diethyl - Ether and its comparison with diesel fuelled CI engine
Sikun Li and Sajjad Ali

Emission Reduction of Spark Ignition Genset with Ethanol Blended Gasoline Fuel
Muhammad Golam Kibria and Muhammad Aslam Jarwar




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