International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 13, Number 1   (2017)




Common Node Exploitation Approach for Path Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 1-10
Devendra Rao B V, Satyanarayana V Nandury and Vasumathi D

Impact of Social Media and Customer Feedback on Online Auctions
pp. 11-22
Sandeep Kumar and Rahul Rishi

A Generalized Class of Double Sampling Estimators Using Auxiliary Information on an Attribute and an Auxiliary Variable
pp. 23-33
Shashi Bhushan, Praveen Kumar Misra and Sachin Kumar Yadav

An Improved Class of Unbiased Separate Regression Type Estimator under Stratified Random Sampling
pp. 35-44
Shashi Bhushan and Praveen Kumar Misra


Power-Aware Scheduling For Urgent Tasks in Cloud Environment
pp. 45-53
Ankit Patel, Hiren Patel and Nimisha Patel

Implications of MSMIA algorithm with Barclays Data Set
pp. 55-64
P. Logeswari and Antony Selvadoss Thanamani

A Comprehensive Analysis for Software Fault Detection and Prediction using Computational Intelligence Techniques
pp. 65-78
Sushant Kumar and Prabhat Ranjan


Simulated Response Measure (Brain Response Time) in Relation to Certain Factors in Human Computer Interaction
pp. 79-99
Shaik Shafiulla and G.M. Kadhar Nawaz

A Mechanism for Prevention of Flooding based DDoS Attack
pp. 101-111
Nipa Patani and Rajan Patel


Application of Minimum Vertex Cover for Keyword –based Text Summarization Process
pp. 113-125
Atowar-Ul Islam and Bichitra Kalita


Intelligent System Designing For Losses Control:-A Proposed Combustion Model on Thermal Power Plant
pp. 127-139
Subodh Pandas, N.K. Barpanda, P.S. Ratha and R.P. SINGH

Modeling and Algorithm Development for Cattle Feed Mix Formulation
pp. 141-159
Pratiksha Saxena and Neha Khanna





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