International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 13, Number 1   (2017)




Top-k Equities Pricing Search in the Large Historical data set of NYSE
pp. 161-173
Ganesan Senthilvel and A. Murugan

A Machine Learning Approach For Emotion Classification Using Document Semantics
pp. 175-182
Lydia DL

CASW: Context Aware Sliding window for Frequent Itemset Mining over Data Streams
pp. 183-196
V. Sidda Reddy, T.V.Rao and A.Govardhn

Phase wise Cost Effective Optimal Prioritization for System Regression Testing
pp. 197-211
Aman Hooda and Ankit Kumar

Visualize Biological Database for Protein in Homosapiens Using Classification Searching Models
pp. 213-224
N. Deepak Kumar and A. Ramamohan Reddy

Impact of Age Level Intelligence and Components of the Game on Simulated Response Measure in Human Computer Interaction
pp. 225-241
Shaik Shafiulla and G.M. Kadhar Nawaz

A Novel Approach for Removal of Spike Noise from Satellite Milky Way Images
pp. 243-251
M. Duraisamy and P. Narasimman

Advance Shadow Edge Detection and Removal (ASEDR)
pp. 253-259
Anshul Bhatia, Jyoti Yadav and Eisha Jain

Fingerprint Based Gender Classification Using Local Binary Pattern
pp. 261-271
S.S. Gornale and Basavanna M and 3Kruthi R

Comparative Analysis of Various İmage Encryption Techniques
pp. 273-284
Shikha Jaryal and Chetan Marwaha

Weighted Sentiment Score Formulation Using Sentence Level Sentiment Density for Opinion Analysis
pp. 285-298
Vibhor Varshney and Rupali Sunil Wagh

The Techniques of Lean and Green Manufacturing Systems
pp. 299-302
vasdev Malhotra and Sameer Kumar

Nearest Neighbor Classifiers: A Review
pp. 303-311
R. Raja Kumar P. Viswanath and C.Shobha Bindu

Design of Closed Loop Dual Band Bandpass Filter Using Two Different Size Cascaded Open Loop Triangular Ring Resonator
pp. 313-319
Yatindra Gaurav and R.K. Chauhan





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