International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 13, Number 5   (2017)




A Hybrid Probability Based Technique for Efficient Object Tracking from Videos
pp. 653-662
Mamta Rani and Seema Baghla

Advanced Security Model for Ensuring Complete Security in Cloud Architecture
pp. 663-672
Nikhil Kumar Singh

EMOMETRIC: An IOT Integrated Big Data Analytic System for Real Time Retail Customerís Emotion Tracking and Analysis
pp. 673-695
V. V. Satyanarayana Tallapragada, N. Ananda Rao and Satish Kanapala

Vehicle Detection from Satellite Images in Digital Image Processing
pp. 697-705
Noorpreet Kaur Gill and Anand Sharma

Performance Analysis of Face Detection by using Viola-Jones algorithm
pp. 707-717
Jaspreet Kaur and Anand Sharma

A Novel Energy Efficient Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Highly Dense MANET Architecture
pp. 719-744
M.V. Rajesh, T.V.S. Gireendranath and J.V.R. Murthy

A Review of Detection and Tracking of Object from Image and Video Sequences
pp. 745-765
Mukesh Tiwari and Rakesh Singhai

Jamming Prevention by hiding Cryptographic Ancients in the MANETs
pp. 767-780
N. Muthyala, V.Kakulapati, VB.Chodavarapu and SR.Kattamuri

A Study on Digital India Programme Using Azure Cloud and Twitter Data
pp. 781-790
M.Ganeshkumar and V. Ramesh

Improved Quality of watermark image by using integrated SWT with GA and PSO
pp. 791-804
Vikas Sharma and P.S Mann

Advanced Replicated Hardware Architecture for Smartphones and Smart Devices
pp. 805-813
Rohit Kumar, Rohit Bajaj and Lokesh Pawar

Advanced Specialized Processor Architecture for Samrtphones
pp. 815-823
Rohit Kumar, Rohit Bajaj, Vijay Kumar Singh, Kshitiza Vasudeva and Lokesh Pawar

Nature of Water Shortage Issue in Marathwada Case Study of Upper Manar Sub-basin
pp. 825-832
Shivpuje Prakash.R, Parmeshwar V. Poul, Deshmukh N.K. and Rathod R.P

Sensitive Rule Hiding and InFrequent Filtration through Binary Search Method
pp. 833-840
K. Kavitha

Designing of All Optical Two Bits Full Adder using TOAD, TMIN and Feynman Gate
pp. 841-849
Chinmoy Taraphdar

A Novel Approach for Monocular 3D Object Tracking in Cluttered Environment
pp. 851-864
Navneet S. Ghedia, C.H. Vithalani and Ashish Kothari

Review Article: E-Governance strategies -An Overview
pp. 865-871
Vinti Parmar and Amit Kumar


Implementing of Global Adaptive Algorithm in Read Write Access of Flash Storage Systems by managing Spatial and Temporal Localities
pp. 873-881
S.M Shamsheer Daula and K E Sreenivasa Murthy

Applying Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Prevent Cyber Assaults
pp. 883-889
Amaan Anwar and Syed Imtiyaz Hassan

Generation of Diphone Database for Telugu
pp. 891-898
D. Nagaraju and R.J .Ramasree

Comparative Analysis of K-means and K-medoids Algorithm on IRIS Data
pp. 899-906
Kalpit G. Soni and Atul Patel

An Attribute based Authentication protocol with Quantum key cryptography in cloud servers
pp. 907-916
B.N.V. Madhu Babu and K. Rajasekhara Rao


An Attribute based Authentication protocol with Quantum key cryptography in cloud servers
pp. 907-916
B.N.V. Madhu Babu and K. Rajasekhara Rao

Technique for Detecting, Measuring & Comparing Bio Signals
pp. 917-921
S.A. Ramapure, P.V. Jadhav and S.V. Kulkarni

An Extension of Playfair Cipher Using Modified Matrix
pp. 923-931
Mohammad Sadiq Nisar Siddiqui, Jawed Ahmed and Siddhartha Sankar Biswas

Handwritten Gurumukhi Character Recognition Using Convolution Neural Network
pp. 933-943
Harpreet Kaur and Simpel Rani

Enhancement of Sift algorithm to check authenticity of Indian Currency
pp. 945-953
Sandeep Kaur, Seema Baghla and Sunil Kumar

Lung Tumour Detection by Applying Watershed Method
pp. 955-964
Rekha Rani and Suneet Gupta

Challenges in Social Network Data Privacy
pp. 965-979
Jyothi Vadisala and Valli Kumari Vatsavayi

Improved fuzzy-c means, Deep Belief Networks, and Morphological Operations in Object segmentation
pp. 981-991
Er. Navdeep Singh and Er.Varinder Kaur Attri

A Fault Tolerance Technique to Improve Routing in MANET
pp. 993-1002
Kantveer, Navdeep Singh, Harminder Singh Bindra and Narinder Sharma

A Comparative Study of Various Deblurring Techniques
pp. 1003-1013
Sukhamrit Kaur and Vijay Kumar Banga

A Comparative Study on Theoretical and Experimental Biological Activities of Novel Pyrano Quinoline
pp. 1015-1020
D. Mageswari, G. Selvi and Namitha R

Theoretical and Experimental Investigations on the Biological Studies on Novel triazino quinolines
pp. 1021-1025
R.Namitha, G. Selvi and D.Mageswari

Improved Speech Recognition, Classification, Extarction using Conditional Random Field with Kernel Approach
pp. 1027-1040
Rohit Kumar, Priya Batta, Deepshikha Chhabra and Lokesh Pawar

A Critical Study of Classification Algorithms for LungCancer Disease Detection and Diagnosis
pp. 1041-1048
N.V. Ramana Murty and M.S. Prasad Babu

Study on Wrinkled Fingerprint Recogniton using Transform Features and Neural Network
pp. 1049-1058
Divya Pathak and Shamik Tiwari

Review of Machine Translation Techniques for Idea of Hindi to English Idiom Translation
pp. 1059-1071
Rajesh Kumar Chakrawarti, Himani Mishra and Pratosh Bansal

Application of Geoinformatics for Smart Village Creation
pp. 1073-1081
Shivpuje Prakash R, Parmeshwar V. Poul and Deshmukh Nilesh K

Sentiment Analysis of Customers using Product Feedback Data under Hadoop Framework
pp. 1083-1091
Soumya P.C and Venkatramana Bhat P

Water Quality Analysis Using Labview
pp. 1093-1095
Ankur Narare, Sneha Ghadge and V.V. Kale

Analysis of PAPR Reduction Techniques in OFDM
pp. 1097-1105
Sharanjit Kaur and Inderdeep Kaur Aulakh

Resolution Increment & Quality Enhancement of Video Frame using Stationary and Discrete Wavelet Transform with Planar Histogram Equalization
pp. 1107-1118
Suresha D and H N Prakash


Trends of Video Surveillance and Embedded Systems in 2017
pp. 1119-1122
Papri Ghosh

Multi-Feature Based Multiple Pipelines Detection Using Ground Penetration Radar
pp. 1123-1138
K. Rajiv

Analysis of a novel formula for information gain and effective classification of intrusion in an intrusion detection system based on Decision Tree
pp. 1139-1144
Latika Mehrotra and Prashant Sahai Saxena

Time Series Data Prediction Using Sliding Window Based RBF Neural Network
pp. 1145-1156
H.S. Hota, Richa Handa and A.K. Shrivas

Bounds of Balanced Laplacian Energy of a Complete Bipartite Graph
pp. 1157-1165
K. Ameenal bibi, B.Vijayalakshmi and R. Jothilakshmi

Impaired Driving and Explosion Detection on Vehicle for Ubiquitous City
pp. 1167-1189
Sandip Roy, Rajesh Bose and Debabrata Sarddar

Review paper of Copy move forgery Detection on Digital Image
pp. 1191-1199
Madhu and Jitendra Kurmi

Handling Complex Heterogeneous Healthcare Big Data
pp. 1201-1227
C.S. Sindhu and Nagaratna P. Hegde

Scope of E-Healthcare Services in Uttar Pradesh: A Case Study of Lucknow Urban Areas
pp. 1229-1242
Vartika Singh, Deepak Arora, Pooja Khanna and Krishna Kant Agrawal

A New 128-Bit Block Cipher Algorithm
pp. 1243-1259
Manish Srivastava, Dipika Nagle and Deepmala

pp. 1261-1269
Manisha Kumari and Sarita Soni

Secure Keyword Search Using Dual Encryption in Cloud: An Approach
pp. 1271-1282
Husna Tariq

Survey of Resource Provisioning Heuristics in Cloud and their Parameters
pp. 1283-1300
Kamali Gupta and Vijay Katiyar


Crime Data Investigating using Machine Learning Algorithms
pp. 1301-1305
Menal Dahiya

Iris Recognition System based on ZM, GF, VR and Matching Level Fusion
pp. 1307-1331

GanapathiV. Sagar, K B Raja, K Suresh Babu, Chetan Tippanna Madiwalar and Venugopal K R


Performance Evaluation of Improved Weighted Least Square Filter Using Fuzzy Logic Based on Pan Sharpening

pp. 1333-1344

Jaspreet Singh and VarinderKaur Attri


Improved Route Reliability to Overcome Route Flooding Attack in MANET

pp. 1345-1354

Nupur Agrawal and Upendra Dwivedi






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