International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 14, Number 1   (2018)




An Intelligent and Real Time System for Automatic Driven Toll Gate System under Complex Scenes

pp. 1-13

R. Gayathri, M. Anantha Bhairavi and D. Aravind


Application of Big Data Analytics: An Innovation in Health Care

pp. 15-27

Swarna Latha Garapati and Sridevi Garapati


Machine Learning Approaches to Multi-Class Human Skin Disease Detection

pp. 29-39

Seema Kolkur, D.R. Kalbande and Vidya Kharkar


Patient Treatment Time Prediction

pp. 41-51

Suhas B. Zambre and Pramod Patil


Multi-View Point Panaroma Construction With Wide Baseline Images

pp. 53-58

M.sailaja, A.Rangaswamy, V.Saisruthi, S.Rajashekar and A.Durgadinesh


Image Compression Using SVD ON Labview With Vision Module

pp. 59-68

B.Anusha, Y.Soujanya, E.Vyshnavi, T.Harish and S.Teja


Efficient Acceptance Testing Framework for Interactive Computer Game Applications
Lizhen Cui

Techniques Usedon E-Clinic Portal Access Control

Lizhen Cui, Xinjun Wang and Shang-Chiuan Su





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