International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 14, Number 5  (2018)




Design and Development of Multilevel Authentication of Cloud Services Through De-duplication Mechanism
Yu Sun and Rongrong Ni

Opinion Mining in Research Databases for Extracting Unique Patterns using Software Agents

Yao Zhao

JPEG Image Authentication through Reversible Data Hiding using Differential Histogram of Quantized Coefficients

Huan Wang

Role of Link expiration time to make reliable link between the nodes in MANETs: A Review

Hongxia Wang

A Comparative Survey of Bioeffect-Aware Routing Protocols in Wireless Body Area Networks

Yongjae Lee

A Hybrid Framework using Fuzzy if-then rules for DBSCAN Algorithm

Seunghyeon Lee

Evaluation of Data Dissemination and Discovery of Routing Protocol in Mobile Wireless Sensor Network

Hyunmin Seo

Intelligent Classifier Model Employing Hybrid Elman Neural Network Architecture and Biogeography Based Optimization for Data Classification

Changhoon Yoo and Hyunsoo Yoon




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