International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 18, Number 1  (2022)






Securing Data using Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain
pp. 1-11
D. Pavan Srivasta, D. Suresh Babu and Srinivas Kanakala


An Improved Matchmaking Technique for Web Service Discovery
Feng Zhao

Customized WEB Surfing of Large Application Specific WEB Sites
F. Taia Alaoui

Analysis and Classification Scheme of Risk Assessment Models based on Different Criteria for Reducing the Risk
David Betaille

Security Risks and Prevention in Web Applications
Valerie Renaudin

Providing Privacy through Search Logs
Lingping Kong

A Modified Approach of Three Tier Message Security System by the Combining of QR-Code, Cryptography and Stegnography
Jeng-Shyang Pan

An Effective Performance of Sigmoidal Activation Function in Neural Network Architecture
Jeng-Shyang Pan