International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 18, Number 2  (2022)






Capturing Architecturally Significant Requirements using Architect's Use Case Diagram
Ahmed Abdelgawad

Mining User Interests From Web Log Data Using Long-Period Extracting Algorithm
Jihun Moon

Evaluating Vulnerability Tool To Analyze The Web Security Mechanism
Yujin Lim, Vittorio Astarita and Vincenzo Pasquale Giofrč,

Comparision Between Genetic algorithm and Genetic Programming Solving a Quadratic Equatition
Giuseppe Guido

CPSEL: Cloud Provider Selection Framework ForRanking and Selection of Cloud Provider
Alessandro Vitale

Research on Energy Efficient In MANET Using MAC Protocol- A Survey
Debiao He

Web Graphical User Interface for FPGA Modules using System on Chip
Debiao He