International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)


Volume 7, Number 3 (2011)



A New Approach to Feature Selection for Data Mining
Authors:Dr. B.M. Vidyavathi

On Genetic Algorithm and Multiple Preprocessors Assisted Feature Boosting for Electronic Nose Signal Processing
Authors: Prabha Verma, Divya Somvanshi and R.D.S. Yadava

Comparison of Neural Network Training Algorithms for Handwriting Recognition and Scope for Optimization
Authors: Rishu Singh, Shaadab Zafar, Amit Ghodake
Sanjay Gandhe and Neha Vartak

(n,t)-Closeness with Faster Checking Algorithm
Authors:Sudheerbabu Pakanati and Dr. M.H.M. Krishna Prasad

Non-Subsampled Contourlet Transform for Edge Detection Performance
Authors:Mahesh and M.V. Subramanyam

Sequential Pattern Mining in Incremental and Progressive Data Bases
pp. 319-328
Authors: K.M.V. Madan Kumar and Dr. P.V.S. Srinivas







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