International Journal of Environmental Research and Development (IJERD)



Volume 6, Number 1 (2016)





Acclimatization Of An Industrial Pharmaceutical Wastewater In An Aerobic Batch Mode Of Operation
pp. 1-10
Sundararaman. S and Sathiyapriya. A

Green Synthesis Of Nanoparticle Of Zinc And Treatment Of Nanobeads For Waste Water Of Alizarin Red Dye
pp. 11-16
Smita Asthana D. Sirisha and Afiya Mary

Development of district-level Agro-meteorological Cotton Yield Models in Punjab
pp. 17-32
Kalubarme Manik H and Saroha G.P


Improvement Of Plasticity And Cbr Characteristics Of Gravelly Soils Using Rice Husk Ash-An Agricultural Industrial Waste
pp. 33-44
Anantha Rao, S and Satyanarayana, P. V. V


Social Impacts of Nepal Earthquake: Field Research in Sindhupalchowk
pp. 45-52
S. Jain, I. Rawat and R. Patil


Comparative Laundry Utility of Ponds in and Around Varanasi City

pp. 53-58

Sanju Dwivedi


Assessment of Water Bodies for Proper Planning and Development

pp. 59-64

Ajay K. Gedam


A Risk-Level Model for Different Climate Change-Related Diseases in Different Countries

pp. 65-86

Rezvan Mohammadiziazi and Arshia J. Faghri








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