International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics (IJPAP)




Volume 13, Number 1, (2017)  Special Issues





Quaternionic Reformulation Of Massive Electrodynamics
pp. 1-8
A. S. Rawat

Study of Quality Analysis of Ayurvedic Drugs (Medicines) by Mass Attenuation Coefficient of X-Ray
pp. 9-12
Ashwini. A, Gayatri B and B. R. Kerur

Photon Energy Absorption Parameters for Some Sm3+ Doped Lead Alumino Phosphate Glasses
pp. 13-16
Preet Kaur, Tejbir Singh and Devinder Singh

On The Relative Role Of Temperature Of Fragments Within The Framework Of Quantum Molecular Dynamics Model
pp. 17-20
Rohit Kumar, Arun Sharma, Samiksha Sood and Rajeev K. Puri

Study of Intermediate Energy Heavy-ion Collisions in Asymmetric Colliding Nuclei Using Computational Methods
pp. 21-25
Arun Sharma, Rohit Kumar, Samiksha Sood and Rajeev K. Puri

Information Density of Isospectral Potential
pp. 26-31
Anil Kumar and Pooja

Quaternion Analyticity Of Harmonic Oscillator
pp. 32-43
Seema Rawat

On the Relative Role of Isospin-Dependent Interactions in Fragmentation of Super Heavy Colliding Nuclei
pp. 44-49
Rohit Kumar, Karan Singh Vinayak and Rajiv Chugh

Accumulation of Elements in Homemade Herbal Medicinal plants
pp. 50-53
Santosh Teerthe, Mohanraj Pattar, Sharanabasappa and B. R. Kerur

Varied Sensing Characteristics of In-doped ZnO Films Prepared by Sol Gel Spin Coating Technique
pp. 54-58
Sonik Bhatia, Neha Verma and R. K. Bedi

Doped Quantum Sized Gold Nanoclusters
pp. 59-64
Sumali Bansal, Priyanka, Rajiv Bhandari and Keya Dharamvir

Measurement of Indoor Radon and Thoron using Single entry Pin-Hole Dosimeters in the dwellings of Bathinda District of Punjab, India
pp. 65-70
Kirandeep kaur, Manmohan Singh Heer, Rohit Mehra and H. S. Sahota

Infulence of Multiple Ionization on L X-ray Intensity Ratio in Pt Induced by Proton
pp. 71-74
Manpuneet Kaur, Harsh Mohan, Arvind K. Jain, Parjit S. Singh and Sunita Sharma

Investigation of Scattering Cross Sections for Electrons Colliding with Silver Atom
pp. 75-78
Mandeep Kaur, Arvind K. Jain, Harsh Mohan, Parjit S. Singh and Sunita Sharma

On the impact parameter dependence of the peak mass production
pp. 79-83
Sukhjit Kaur

The systematic study of N/Z dependence on surface diffuseness parameter in the fusion of heavy neutron-rich colliding nuclei by using Skyrme energy density formalism
pp. 84-88
Suman Mittal and Ishwar Dutt

Systematic study of octupole correlation in the A~130 mass region
pp. 89-95
Gurmeet Kumar, Rajesh Kumar and Surender Kumar

The Study of the Compaction Effect on Gamma-Ray Shielding
pp. 96-99
Kulwinder Singh Mann, Manmohan Singh Heer and Asha Rani

The Study of Nuclear Softness Parameter in Hg and TI Superdeformed nucleus through 2-parameter formula
pp. 100-101
Honey Sharma, H. M. Mittal, Neha Sharma and Pankaj Arora

Assessment Of Heavy Metals In Correlation With Physico-Chemical Properties Of Drinking Water Of Northern Rajasthan, India
pp. 102-106
Sudhir Mittal, Asha Rani and Rohit Mehra

Chemotoxicity and Radiotoxicity Risk Assessment from Exposure to Uranium in Groundwater from Western Haryana, India
pp. 107-112
Vikas Duggal and Samriti Sharma

Texture 5 Zero Lepton Mass Matrices
pp. 113-117
Neelu Mahajan

Effect of Annealing Temperature on ZnO Nanoparticles and its Applications for Photocatalytic Degradation of DR- 31 dye
pp. 118-122
Neha Verma, Sonik Bhatia and R. K. Bedi

Study of Electronic Properties of Dy2O3 using First Principles Calculations
pp. 123-126
G. Ahuja and G. Arora

Radioactivity measurements of Soil samples from Devadurga and Lingasugur of Raichur District of Karnataka, India
pp. 127-130
S. Rajesh, B. R. Kerur and S. Anilkumar

Chemical Composition Dependence Of Buildup Factors For Some Biological Materials
pp. 131-141
Bhupinder Singh, Vipan Kumar, Makhan Singh and Gurdeep Singh Sidhu

Influence of Pressure Derivative of Partition Function on the Isentropic Coefficient and Sound Speed for NLTE Hydrogen Plasma
pp. 142-145
Gurpreet Singh

Calibration of Capacitive Cell for Measuring Moisture Content in Grains
pp. 146-149
Harinder Singh, Babankumar S. Bansod, Ritula Thakur, Tejbir Singh and Jeewan Sharma

Controlling self-similar waves through two Riccati parameter
pp. 150-153
Harleen Kaur, Amit Goyal, Thokala Soloman Raju and C.N. Kumar

Study of neck length parameter for complete fusion of 9Be induced reactions
pp. 154-157
Mandeep Kaur, BirBikram Singh and Manoj K. Sharma

Stress Analysis of Variable Thickness Rotating FG Disc
pp. 158-161
Manish Garg

Nuclear Structure Aspects in the decay of odd medium mass composite systems formed in the reactions with E/A = 8 MeV
pp. 162-166
Manpreet Kaur and BirBikram Singh

Comparison Of Alteration Of Refractive Index Of Liquid With Temperature And Concentration
pp. 167-171
Manu Joseph and Ignatius.J

The in situ measurement and calculation of Exhalation rates of Radon and Thoron in Alappad region of Kollam district, Kerala, India
pp. 172-178
M.Midhun, R.S. Rejith, Samuel Mathew, P.J. Jojo and B.K. Sahoo

Ambient Gamma Levels In The In Seaside Regions Of Alapuzha District, Kerala
pp. 179-187
S. Monica, A.K. Visnu Prasad, S.R.Soniya and P.J. Jojo

Measurements of the L X-ray production cross sections for 74W at incident photon energies 12.1-13.0 keV using synchrotron radiation
pp. 188-190
Rajnish Kaur, Anil Kumar, M.K. Tiwari and Sanjiv Puri

Experimental Investigation of Effective Atomic Numbers for Some Pb-Sn Binary Alloys Using Gamma Rays Backscattering Technique
pp. 191-194
Renu Sharma, J.K. Sharma and Tejbir Singh

Implications of Weak Basis Transformations for the Texture Specific Quark Mass Matrices
pp. 195-200
Samandeep Sharma

Use of Simulated Annealing Technique for Finding Most Bound Structures in Nuclear Reactions
pp. 201-204
Samiksha Sood, Ishita Puri, Rohit Kumar, Arun Sharma and Rajeev K. Puri

Parameterization of Proton Induced Mi (I=1-5) sub-shell X-ray Production Cross Sections
pp. 205-208
Shehla, Rajnish Kaur, Anil Kumar and Sanjiv Puri

Heterogeneity Of Radioactivity In Soil From Varkala, Kerala
pp. 209-214
S.R. Soniya, S. Monica, A.K. Visnu Prasad and P.J. Jojo

Bremsstrahlung in Some Lead Compounds [PBC]2, Pb [NO3]2, Pb[SO4], Pb[CH3COO]2.3H2O] at Lower Photon Energies [1-30 KeV]
pp. 215-221
Suhansar Jit Sharma, Doordarshi Singh and Tajinder Singh

Feasibility of Pb-Zn Binary Alloys as Gamma Rays Shielding Materials
pp. 222-225
Taranjot Kaur, Jeewan Sharma and Tejbir Singh

L3 sub-shell X-ray production cross sections for 76Os at incident photon energies 10.9-12.7 keV using synchrotron photoionization method
pp. 226-228
Rajnish Kaur, Anil Kumar, M.K. Tiwari and Sanjiv Puri

Study of Spin Coated Titanium Dioxide Films
pp. 229-231
Rajesh Kumar, Narinder Arora and Navjeet Sharma

Natural Radioactivity Measurements in Soils of Jalandhar and Hoshiarpur Districts of Punjab, India
pp. 232-237
Komal Badhan, Rohit Mehra and R.G.Sonkawade

Study of nuclear dynamics using IQMD model
pp. 238-243
Rajni Bansal

A study of relation between Sunspot numbers and occurrence of Forbush decreases
pp. 244-247
Sarbdeep Kaur Sidhu

Doping of Different Geometries of Gold Clusters-A Perspective
pp. 248-251
Priyanka, Sumali Bansal, Rajiv Bhandari and Keya Dharamvir





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