International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)

Volume 2, No.1 (2006)


Special Issue: Neurocomputing and Applications
Guest Editors: Yuehui Chen and Zhang Yi




Guest Editorial 


Regular Papers


Achieving Compatible Numeral Handwriting Recognition Rate by a Simple Activation Function 

D. Brüderle, K. Sunat, S. Chiewchanwattana, C. Lursinsap, S. Siripant 
pp. 1-9
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Delayed Standard Neural Network Models for the Stability Analysis of Recurrent Neural Networks Meiqin Liu 
pp. 10-16
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Hierarchical Neural Networks toward A Unified Modeling Framework for Load Dynamics Dingguo Chen, Jiaben Yang, Ronald R. Mohler
pp. 17-25
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Improving Investing Strategy In Stock Market With Valuation Technology Clustering and Neural Network Kevin Hsiao, Jung-Bin Lee, An-Pin Chen 
pp. 26-32
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Application of An Artificial Neural Network on Depth to Bedrock Prediction 

Jia-Ruey Chang, Ching-Tsung Hung, Dar-Hao Chen
pp. 33-40
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A High Performance Architecture for Color Image Enhancement Using a Machine Learning Approach  

Ming Z. Zhang, Ming-Jung Seow, Vijayan K. Asari 
pp. 41-48
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Short Communications 

Global attractivity of the periodic solution to the static neural network model with S-type distributed delays  

Min Wang, Linshan Wang 
pp. 49-52
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Exponential Stability of Stochastic Recurrent Neural Network with Time Delays 
Wenli Zhu, Jin Hu 
pp. 53-55
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Periodic Solutions of a Control System for a Neural Network with Variable Time Delays Zhou SB, Li H, Wu ZF 
pp. 56-60
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Computational Intelligent Techniques for Financial Distress Detection 
S. Mukkamala, G. D. Tilve, A. H. Sung, B. Ribeiro, A. S. Vieira 
pp. 61-66
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A Classification Approach Based on Evolutionary Neural Networks 
Jing Zhong, Yan Fu, Jun-lin Zhou 
pp. 67-70
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Neuro-Robust Reentry Path Control of Reusable Launch Vehicles 
Zhao Sun, XiaoHong Liao, Feiyang Stewart, Bin Li, YongDuan Song
pp. 71-75
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A Weighted Deterministic Annealing Algorithm for Data Clustering 
Xulei Yang, Qing Song, Aize Cao 
pp. 76-80
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Optimizing local modeling for times series prediction 
Yves Le Coadou, Khalid Benabdeslem
pp. 81-85
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Underwater Acoustic Signals Blind Separation Based on Time-Frequency Analysis 
Hangyu Wang, Anqing Zhang 
pp. 86-89
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Fault Diagnosis in Analog Circuits Based on Testability Analysis and Multi-Frequency TPG Using Neural Networks  

Yong-Le Xie, Cheng Wang, Guang-Ju Chen 
pp. 90-94
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Using Support Vector Machine to Detect Unknown Computer Viruses 
Bo-yun Zhang, Jian-ping Yin, Jin-bo Hao, Ding-xing Zhang, Shu-ling Wang 
pp. 95-99
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Exploring the Classification of Protein Structures on Geometric Patterns by Neural Networks  

Y. Wang, Ling-Yun Wu, Xiang-Sun Zhang, L. Chen 
pp. 100-104
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Classification of Single-Trial Potentials evoked by Imitating-natural-reading 
Using v-SVM

Jin-an Guan, Yaguang Chen, Min Huang 
pp. 105-109
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Artificial Neural Network Modeling in Forecasting a Successful Implementation of ERP Systems  

Se Hun Lim, Kyungdoo Nam 
pp. 110-114
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Robust Stability of Interval Neural Networks with Multiple Time Delays 
Li Xie, G. Lu, J. Liu 
pp. 115-120
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Unsupervised Topology Preserving Networksthat Learns Sequentially
G. Palamas, G. Papadourakis, M. Kavoussanos, A. Ware 
pp. 121-126
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