International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)

Volume 2, Number 4 (2006)




Heuristic Methods for Automatic Rotating Workforce Scheduling
Nysret Musliu

pp. 309-326 Abstract | PDF Full Text


Nonlinear Image Enhancement to Improve Face Detection in Complex Lighting Environment
Li Tao, Ming-Jung Seow and Vijayan K. Asari

pp. 327-336 Abstract | PDF Full Text

A Multiple Neural Network System to Classify Solder Joints on Integrated Circuits
G. Acciani, G. Brunetti and G. Fornarelli

pp. 337-348 Abstract | PDF Full Text

A Hybrid Evolutionary Approach to Maximum Weight Clique Problem
Alok Singh and Ashok Kumar Gupta

pp. 349-355 Abstract | PDF Full Text

Mathematical Analysis of the Heuristic Optimisation Mechanism of Evolutionary Programming
Libao Shi, Zhao Yang Dong, Jin Hao and Kit Po Wong

pp. 357-366 Abstract | PDF Full Text


Hierarchical Two-Population Genetic Algorithm
Jarno Martikainen and Seppo J. Ovaska

pp. 367-380 Abstract | PDF Full Text