International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)

Volume 3, Number 1 March (2007)


Special Issue: Advances in Machine Learning and Neural Networks

Guest Editors: Man-Wai Mak and Irwin King







Development of the Neuroinformatics Base Platform System: XooNIps        

Kazutsuna Yamaji, Hiroyuki Sakai, Yoshihiro Okumura, Osamu Kurosaki and Shiro Usui

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Intrusion Detection by Backpropagation Neural Networks with Sample-Query and Attribute-Query

Ray-I Chang, Liang-Bin Lai, Wen-De Su, Jen-Chieh Wang, Jen-Shaing Kouh  

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Using Inverse Neural Network for HIV Adaptive Control

B. Leke Betechuoh, T. Marwala and T. Tettey

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Reinforcement Learning Approaches for Constrained MDPs

Peter Geibel

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A Configware Approach for the Implementation of a LVQ Neural Network

Maurcio Kugler and Heitor S. Lopes

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Application of Self-Organizing Map (SOM) for Cerebral Cortex Reconstruction       

Cheng-Hung Chuang, Philip E. Cheng, Michelle Liou, Cheng-Yuan Liou and Yen-Ting Kuo

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RVM Ensemble for Text Classification

Catarina Silva and Bernardete Ribeiro

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Recognition of Proceeding Vehicles with Specific Information

Hyo Jong Lee

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Hierarchical and Interpretable Connectionist Structure Generation from Data

Waratt Rattasiri, Saman K. Halgamuge, Nalin Wickramarachchi

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Estimation of Motor Imaginary Using fMRI Experi-ment Based EEG Sensor Location

Sang Han Choi and Minho Lee

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Exchange Options Pricing with Evolutionary Neural-based Fuzzy Inference Systems

Hsing-Wen Wang

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Multistage Blind Source Separation and Deconvolution for Convolutive Mixture of Speech Signals

Yanxue Liang, Fengyu Cong and Ichiro Hagiwara

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Features Selection of SVM and ANN Using Particle Swarm Optimization for Power Transformers Incipient Fault Symptom Diagnosis

Tsair-Fwu Lee, Ming-Yuan Cho and Fu-Min Fang

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A New Approach for the Short-Term Load Forecasting with Autoregressive and Artificial Neural Network Models

Ummuhan Basaran Filik, Mehmet Kurban

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Eigenblock Approach for Face Recognition

Huiyuan Wang and Xiaojuan Wu

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A Neural Network based Software Retrieval System with Fuzzy-Related Thesaurus

Huilin Ye

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Evolution of Organizational Adaptability: Application of Hexie Management Theory

Jun Ma, Youmin Xi, Pengxiang Li and Jue Guo

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Application of Neural Networks to Business Bankruptcy Analysis in Thailand

Kingkarn Sookhanaphibarn, Piruna Polsiri Worawat Choensawat and Frank C. Lin

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New Region of Interest Image Coding Using Partial Bitplane Layered Shift for Medical Image Compression

Li-bao Zhang and Xian-chuan Yu

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Alpha-Beta Bidirectional Associative Memories

María Elena Acevedo-Mosqueda, Cornelio Yánez-Márquez and Itzamá López-Yáñez  

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