International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)

Volume 4, Number 1 January (2008)


Special Issue: Computational Intelligence In Scheduling and Simulation
Guest Lead Editor : Fatos Xhafa 

Guest Co-Editor: Yehui Chen





Obtaining Performance Measures through Microbenchmarking in a Peer-to-Peer Overlay Computer

Paolo Bertasi, Mauro Biancoy, Andrea Pietracaprina, and Geppino Pucci

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Forming and managing agent teams acting as resource brokers in the Grid preliminary considerations

Wojciech Kuranowski, Maria Ganzha, Maciej Gawinecki, Marcin Paprzycki*, Ivan Lirkov, Svetozar Margenov 

pp. 9-16  PDF Full Text


A Survey of the State of the Art in Performance Modeling and Prediction of Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems

Sabri Pllana, Ivona Brandic and Siegfried Benkner

pp. 17-26  PDF Full Text


A Starvation Free IMLFQ Scheduling Algorithm Based on Neural Network

Mohammad Reza Effat Parva, Mehdi Effat Parvar and Saeed Safari

pp. 27-36  PDF Full Text


A Task Scheduling Algorithm Based on PSO for Grid Computing

Lei Zhang, Yuehui Chen, Runyuan Sun, Shan Jing and Bo Yang

pp. 37-43  PDF Full Text


The Design and Dev elopment of a Multi-agent Agile Scheduling System

Zhanjie Wang, Xian Li and Xin Qi

pp. 45-52  PDF Full Text


A Novel Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Short-Term Scheduling of Batch Plants with Parallel Units

Jin Zhu, Xingsheng Gu, Bin Jiao

pp. 53-60  PDF Full Text

Permutation-based Particle Swarm Algorithm for Tasks Scheduling in Heterogeneous systems with Communication Delays

Xiaohong Kong, Jun Sun and Wenbo Xu 

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