International Journal of Electrical Engineering


Volume 4, Number 6 (2011)  





FVSI based Reactive Power Planning using Differential Evolution
pp. 647-659
S.K. Nandha Kumar and Dr. P. Renuga

Performance Analysis of Matrix Converter Fed Induction Motor with Different Switching Algorithms
pp. 661-668
C. Ponmani and M. Rajaram

A Study on Enhancement of Ozone Gas Concentration using Microcontroller based PWM Circuit
pp. 669-676
V. Lakshminaryanan and P.A. Balakrishnan

Future Generation of HTS VSC-HVDC Power System with PSCAD Application
pp. 677-688
Ravi Prakash Magisetty and G.V. Marutheswar

A Comparative Study of the Performance of Mitigation Methods for Power Quality Problems
pp. 689-695
Atul Sood, Shakti Singh and Mandeep Singh

Power Quality Analysis Including Dips and Swells
pp. 697-709
Naresh Kumar and Dr Dheeraj Kumar Palwalia



Simulation of Fault Detection in AC to AC Converter Fed Induction Motor
Authors: Nagarajan S. and Rama Reddy S.


Grid Tied Solar Panel Interfacing Level Inverter with Single Carrier Sinusoidal Modulation; where N is the number of H-bridges
Authors:T. Chandrasekar, J. Rahila and A. Kannabhiran


Facing Problems in Application of Digital AC Drives
Authors:Anuradha Tomar and Yog Raj Sood