International Journal of Electrical Engineering  (IJEE)

Volume 5, Number 2 (2012)   




MA Modeling and Simulation of VSDFIG and PMSG Wind Turbine System
Authors: K. Balachander, S. Kuppusamy and Dr. Vijayakumar Ponnusamy


Comparison of Processing Power System Events using Time-Frequency Analysis and Adaptive Comb Filters
pp. 119-139
Authors: S. Deepa and P. Vanaja Ranjan

Simulation of Ride through Capability of Adjustable Speed Drive for Type A, Type D and Type F Voltage Sag and Swell using Cuk Converter

pp. 141-152
Authors: K.R. Ramela and V. Sureshkumar

A Novel Reference Current Generation Algorithm for Harmonic and Reactive Power Compensation in Non Ideal Three-phase Systems
pp. 153-166
Authors: John George, Jose T.L. and Jeevamma Jacob

Performance Evaluation of Crimped Terminations
pp. 167-172
Authors: Samarjit Bhattacharyya, A. Choudhury, Prof. H.R. Jariwala and M.S. Shetty and
Rajulkumar Engineer

Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm based Dynamic Optimal Power Flow of the Power System Including Wind Farm and Pumped Storage Hydro Unit
pp. 173-184
Authors: Sadhan Gope and Subir Datta

Power Loss Reduction in Practical Distribution System
pp. 185-195
Author: Gurpreet Singh

Performance Enhancement of Wound Rotor Induction Motor by Rotor Capacitive Reactance Control using Fuzzy Controller
pp. 197-207
Authors: K. Ranjith Kumar, S. Palaniswami and G. Lourds Shiny


Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch using Bacterial Foraging Algorithm
pp. 221-229
Authors: M. Ettappan M.E., B. Padmanabhan and Dr. M. Rajaram






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