International Journal of Electrical Engineering  (IJEE)


Volume 5, Number 5 (2012)   



Coordination of Loss of Excitation with Capability Curve and Steady State Stability Limit for a Large Alternator
pp. 501-521
Authors: Madhuri Kanjilal, Asit Kumar Patra, Jiban Krishna Das and Konika Das (Bhattacharya)

A Novel Design of Induction Motor using Multiple-Flux Technique to Improve Efficiency at Light Loads
pp. 523-539
Authors: S.S. Sivaraju and N. Devarajan

Solving Optimal Control Problem for Linear Time-invariant Systems via Chebyshev Wavelet
pp. 541-556
Authors: Hatem Elaydi and Atya A. Abu Haya

A MATLAB Model of Hybrid Active Filter Based on SVPWM Technique
pp. 557-569
Authors: Rajni Patel, Naresh Kumar and Amit Patel

Study and Comparison of PI Controller Tuning Techniques using Bacteria Foraging and Bacteria Foraging based Particle Swarm Optimization
pp. 571-586
Authors: Deepa Thangavelusamy and Lakshmi Ponnusamy

Z-Source Inverter with Minimization of Total Harmonic Distortion on Output Voltage for Photovoltaic Applications
pp. 587-601
Authors: U. Shajith Ali and V. Kamaraj

Implementation of Microcontroller Based PWM Scheme for PV Multilevel Inverter
pp. 603-610
Authors: T. Karthikeyan and P. Sathishkumar M.E.

Application of Stochastic Algorithms for Optimal Location of SVC to avoid Voltage Instability
pp. 611-628
Authors: R. Kalaivani and Dr. V. Kamaraj

Direct Torque Control Technique for Voltage Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive
pp. 629-640
Authors: Allirani S. and Jagannathan V.

Improvement in Energy Transactions in Ultra Capacitor Banks by Series/Parallel Re-connection
pp. 641-652
Authors: P.R. Sawarkar, S.G. Tarnekar and S.B. Bodkhe





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