International Journal of Electrical Engineering (IJEE)


Volume 5, Number 6 (2012)   




A Nobel Approach to Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor Parameter Estimation
pp. 653-659
Authors: B. Arundhati, K. Alice Mary and M. Suryakalavathi

Dynamic Behaviour of Large Scale Wind Farm
pp. 661-668
Authors: Kadam D.P. and Dr. Kushare B.E.

A Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Reactive Power Compensation
pp. 669-678
Authors: M. Ettappan and Dr. M. Rajaram

PI-Controller Tuning For Heat Exchanger with Bypass and Sensor
pp. 679-689
Authors: Saji. K. S and Sasi Kumar M

An Approach to Reduce the Variation in the Continuous Operating Voltages across Lightening Arrester Assemblies
pp. 691-698
Author: Boby John

Labview Based Indirect Position Control of Four Switch Three-Phase Brushless Dc Motor Using FPGA
pp. 699-712
Authors: Vanisri.A and Devarajan.N

Fuzzy Based Unified Power Flow Controller to Control Reactive Power and Voltage for a Utility System in India
pp. 713-722
Authors: C. Ramesh and Dr. M. Rajaram

Dynamic Surface Control of Power System Stability using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Logic
pp. 723-730
Authors: D. Sabapathi and Dr. R. Anita

Modeling and Analysis of Flyback Switching Power Converter using FPGA
pp. 731-742
Authors: R. Vimala, K.R. Aravind Britto and Dr. K. Baskaran

Importance of Design and Installation of back-up protection by HRC Fuse Links
pp. 743-746
Author: Rahul Sharma

A Survey - Networked Control Systems
pp. 757-768
Authors: B Sharmila and Dr. N. Devarajan


Multibus System using Thyristor Controlled Series capacitor and Combined operation of UPQC with photovoltaic Array
pp. 769-781
Authors: P. Annapandi and Dr. M. Rajaram


Comparative study of cogging torque for different tooth gap width and airgap flux of PMBLDC motor for motion control applications
pp. 783-790
Authors: A.Jagadeeshwaran and Dr.S.Padma


Voltage Stability Index of Radial Distribution Networks with Distributed Generation
pp. 791-803
Authors: G.V.K. Murthy, S. Sivanagaraju, S. Satyanarayana and B. Hanumantha Rao


Implementation of an Efficient Bio-Inspired Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm for Power System Stability Enhancement
pp. 805-817
Authors: R. Shivakumar, P.Tamilarasu and M.Panneerselvam





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