International Journal of Electrical Engineering  (IJEE)


Volume 6, Number 1, (2013)





Performance Improvement of Bridgeless Cuk Converter Using Hysteresis Controller

pp. 1-10

Authors: M. Sujith and S. Asokkumar


A Novel Design Technology of Photovoltaic Panel for Combined PV/T System

pp. 11-18

Authors: K. Jaiganesh and Dr. K. Duraiswamy


Soft Switching Full Bridge DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicle Application

pp. 19-32

Authors: V. Delbin Jelaja and Dr. M. Rajaram


Virtual Instrumentation based comparative technique for Vibration analysis and Energy loss calculation

pp. 33-46

Authors: D. Ganeshkumar and Dr. T. Manigandan


RS-232 Based Low Cost Data IO Card

pp. 47-54

Authors: Mousam Ghosh and Prof. (Dr.) Satadal Mal


Hough Transform for Target Identification from Linear Sensor Array F-K Spectrum

pp. 55-68

Authors: Jisha Kuruvilla P, Kavitha Issac and Neena Mani 


Modeling of Statcom

pp. 69-76

Authors: P.M. Sarma and Dr. S.V. Jaya Ram Kumar


Fault Location Technique for UHV Lines Using Wavelet Transform

pp. 77-88

Authors: G. Banu and Dr. S. Suja


General Robust Stability Analysis of Uncertain system

pp. 89-97

Authors: Shyama Kant Jha, A.K. Yadav, Prerna Gaur and J.R. P. Gupta






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