International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 6, Number 3 spl.   (2013)





Alert Today–alive Tomorrow
pp. 285-290
Author: Akshay Deshpande


Biodiesel Production of Waste Cooking Oil through Ultrasound Cavitation
pp. 291-306
Authors: Amit Pal and Surendra Singh Kachhwaha


Sensor Network based Enviornmental Monitoring 
pp. 307-314
Authors: Anamika Chauhan and Sunil Semwal


Scope and Application of Solar Thermal Energy in India-A Review
pp. 315-322
Authors: Aniket Dwivedi, Ajay Bari and Gaurav Dwivedi


Prospective Automobile Design Trends
pp. 323-330
Author: Anil Kumar


Overview of Solar Thermal Plant Technology
pp. 331-336
Authors: Aniket Dwivedi, Ashwini Kumar Arya and Priyanka Singh


Fuzzy Procedure for the Selection of Car among Various Brands
pp. 337-342
Authors: Kumar, Vijay and Vashist Devendra


Some Studies on Advanced Technologies used in Automobiles
pp. 343-350
Authors: Devendra Vashist and Paramjeet Singh


Alterations of Formula 3 Race Car Diffuser Geometry for Optimised Downforce
pp. 351-358
Authors: Soumya Kanta Das, Pavan Kumar and Shweta Rawat


Liquid Rocket Propellants: Past and Present Influences and some Future Considerations
pp. 359-364
Authors: Abhinav Madan, Mohammad Salman, Ganesh Panday and James Kunjwal


Influence of Target Convexity and Concavity on the Ballistic Limit of Thin Aluminum Plate against by Sharp Nosed Projectile
pp. 365-372
Authors: G. Tiwari, M.A. Iqbal and P.K. Gupta


Energy and Cost Analysis in Pulp and Paper Industry by Auditing Techniques: A Case Study
pp. 373-378
Authors: Harsh Harit, Pardeep Gupta and S. C. Gupta


An Analysis to Mitigate Induced Stresses in Orthotropic Plates with Central Square Cut-out
pp. 379-386
Authors: Kanak Kalita, Abhik Kumar Banerjee and Salil Haldar


Theoretical Analysis of Energy Utilization through Energy Audit and Energy Management
pp. 387-392
Authors: Lokesh Sharma and Akash Saraswat


Wheel Steering System
pp. 393-398
Author: Md. Danish Akhtar


Study of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Effect of Blood Flow in Portal Vein in Normal and Hypertension Conditions using CFD Technique

pp. 399-406
Authors: Mohammad Faisal Khan, Zeya Ahmad Quadri and Saurabh P. Bhat


Emerging Automotive Technologies: Personal Rapid Transit System (PRTS)

pp. 407-410

Author: Mohit Ojha






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