International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 6, Number 6 spl.   (2013)





Design and Development of Ball Burnishing Tool
pp. 733-738
Authors: Mr. Pavan Kumar and Purohit G K


Multi Response Optimization of CNC End Milling Using Response Surface Methodology and Desirability Function
pp. 739-746

Author: Prajina N.V.


A Novel Hybrid Solar System Using Nanofluid
pp. 747-752

Authors: R. Gangadevi, Shobhit Agarwal and Shirsho Roy


Design and Development of Micro Controller Based Automatic Engine Cooling System

pp. 753-758

Authors: R. ArunKumar, S. Senthilraja, R.B. Arvind and S. Chettan


GIS in Power Sector Management

pp. 759-766

Author: Surendra Kumar Yadav


Properties and Welding Procedure for Grade 91 Alloy Steel

pp. 767-772

Authors: Siddharth Pant and Swati Bhardwaj


Investigations on Surface Characterisation of Wire Electric Discharge Machined Surface of Titanium Alloy

pp. 773-780

Authors: Siva Prasad Arikatla, K. Tamil Mannan and Arkanti Krishnaiah


Global Energy Demand Consequences Versus Greenhouse Gases Emission

pp. 781-788

Authors: Surendra Kumar Yadav and Govind Chandra Mishra


Highway Wind Turbine (Quite Revolution Turbine) 

pp. 789-794

Authors: Sushant N. Malave and Shivraj P. Bhosale


Investigation into Metal Wire Based Variant of EMI Technique for Structural Health Monitoring

pp. 795-800

Authors: Susmita Naskar and Suresh Bhalla


Renewable Energy Potential Assessment in Indian Perspective

pp. 801-810

Authors: Swati Paliwal, Vikas Singh Bhadoria and Piyush Sharma


Energy Scenario for Achieving Sustainability in Indian Situations

pp. 811-816

Author: Surendra Kumar Yadav


Haptics Based Gesture Controlled Robot 

pp. 817-822

Author: Waquar Mazhar


Environmental Pollution Problems Associated with Energy Production for High Demand

pp. 823-830

Author: Surendra Kumar Yadav


Unconventional Methods for Reduction in Aerodynamic Noise in Aircrafts
pp. 831-534

Author: Akshay.M and C. Lokesh


Optimization of Surface Roughness Process Parameters of Electrical Discharge Machining of EN-31 by Response Surface Methodology

pp. 835-840

Authors: U.K. Vates and N.K. Singh






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