International Journal of Fluids Engineering (IJFE)



Volume 10, Number 2 (2018)





Microcontroller Code Protection Technique based on Simulated-Hot-spot Analysis of Instruction Access Pattern
Panfei Song

Wavelet Estimation of THD Based on Hilbert Transform Extraction

Zhao Du, Haojin Zhu and Hui Li

Identification of Underground River Flow in Karst Area Using Geoelectric and Self-Potential Methods in Druju Region, Southern Malang, Indonesia

Yintang Yang

Space-Vector-Modulation Scheme with Distance Mapping for Multilevel Inverters

Xinghua Li

Shading Phenomenon Analysis for a Medium Size 3.8 kW Standalone PV System Connected in Series Parallel Configuration Using MATLAB Simulation

Chao Yang

A Robust Image Watermarking Technique using DTCWT and PCA

Yuan Ping and Baocang Wang

Traffic Scheduling Algorithm for Wireless Networks Using QoS Provisioning Framework

Baocang Wang and Yuehua Yang





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