International Journal of Fluids Engineering (IJFE)


Volume 2, Number 1 (2010)  




Parameters Affecting the Friction Factor of Fluid Flow in Rough and Smooth Channels
pp. 1-6
Authors: Mohd. Nadeem Khan, Prof. Mohd Islam and Prof. M.M. Hasan

Numerical Analysis of Axial Cooling Loop for High Speed Spindles using CFD
pp. 7-14
Authors: B. Brailson Mansingh

Unsteady Flow through Concentric Circular Porous Cylinders Subjected to Injection and Suction
pp. 15-31
Authors: M.P. Singh and Ajay Singh Parmar

Environment-Friendly Design of Car by Drag Reduction
pp. 33-38
Authors: Debojyoti Mitra

Simulation of Traditional and Hooped Pelton Runner
pp. 39-44
Authors: Gaurangkumar C. Chaudhari, Samip P. Shah and Dr. S.A.Channiwala

Performance Evaluation of Different NACA 4 Series Airfoils for Wind Turbines
pp. 45-56
Authors: S. Rajakumar and Dr. D. Ravindran

Radiation Effects on MHD Flow Past an Exponentially Accelerated Isothermal Vertical Plate
pp. 57-65
Authors: P. Chandrakala and P. Narayana Bhaskar




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