International Journal of Fluids Engineering (IJFE)


Volume 3, Number 1 (2011)  




Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation on Thermal Analysis of Tool & Cutter Grinding Operation using Finite Element Method
pp. 1-13
Authors: Vinod Dhull, V.K. Singla and S.K. Mohopatra

Analysis and Modeling of NH3/H2O Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System
pp. 15-20
Authors: Nikhil Dev, Sandeep Grover, Sanjeev Goyal and Rajesh Attri

Biodiesel Production from used Frying Oil and Properties as an Alternative Fuel
pp. 21-27
Authors: Satishchandra Ragit, Saroj Kumar Mohapatra, Krishneudu Kundu and Vinod Dahake

Performance and Emission Evaluation of an Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled with Neem Methyl Ester and its Respective Blends
pp. 29-40
Authors: Satishchandra Ragit, Saroj Kumar Mohapatra, Krishneudu Kundu and Vinod Dahake

An Experimental Investigation of Evaporation of Water to Forced Convection Air Flow Obstructed by a Roughness Element
pp. 41-50
Authors: Manoj Kumar, C.S.P. Ojha and J.S. Saini

Flow Structure and Heat Transfer Analysis in a Laminar Channel Flow with a Built-in Triangular Prism.
pp. 51-63
Authors: Munis Gupta and Satish Kumar

Computational Investigation of Slurry Pump Handling Sand Dalbir Singh Dhindsa, Randeep Singh Grewal, Mani Kanwar Singh
pp. 65-70
Authors: Satish Kumar and S.K. Mohapatra

Estimation of Frictional Torque for High Speed Deep Groove Ball Bearing under Radial Load
pp. 71-82
Authors: Lijesh K.P. and Solairaju M.

Electrochemical Evaluation of Corrosion Resistance of Hydroxyapatite Coated S.S. 316l
pp. 83-96
Authors: Ravinder Pal Singh, Harpreet Singh and Jasbir Singh

Tool Wear Studies on Cutting Tools used for Machining Silica-Silica Composite Tile
pp. 97-107
Authors: Nadadur Veeraraghavan Srikanth, P. Kuppan and S. Xavier Arockia Raj

An Overview on Solid Particle/Slurry Erosion of Uncoated Materials and Detonation Gun Sprayed Erosion Resistant Coatings
pp. 109-121
Authors: Sanjeev Bhandari, H.S. Grewal, Harpreet Singh and H.K. Kansal




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