International Journal of Fluids Engineering (IJFE)


Volume 3, Number 2 (2011)  



A Comparative Study of Pressure based Algorithms for Single-Fluid and Multifluid Flows: An Overview
Author: A.K. Borah

Effect of Chemical Reaction on Convective Heat and Mass Transfer through a Porous Medium in a Rotating Channel
Authors: A.S.R. Murthya, P. Raveendra Nathb and D.R.V. Prasada Rao

CFD Analysis of Turbulence Combustion
Authors: S.N. Pandey and K.M. Pandey

Flow of an Elastico-Viscous Fluid due to a Rotating Disk in Presence of an Infinite Saturated Porous Medium
Authors: Rita Choudhury and Hridi Ranjan Deb

Experimental and Numerical Study of Compound Broad Crested Weir
Authors: Hinge G.A., Balkrishna S. and Khare K.C.

Effect of Hall Current on MHD Flow of a Conducting Visco-Elastic [Oldroyd (1958) Model] Liquid through the Annular Space between Two Right Circular Cylinders
Authors: N.K. Varshney, Vineet Kumar Sharma and Gyanesh Kumar Sharma

Stability of Rotating Viscous Viscoelastic (Oldroydian) Superposed Fluid in Presence of Suspended Particles in Porous Medium
Authors: V. Singh and Shaily Dixit

Design and Numerical Simulation of Radial Turbine for Micro Gas Turbine: A 2D Approach
Authors: Samip Shah, Digvijay B. Kulshreshatha, Gaurang Chaudhari and S.A. Channiwala

Computational Modeling of Combustion in DI Diesel Engine Fueled with Biodiesel
Authors:Umakant V. Kongre1 and Vivek K. Sunnapwar


Computational Investigation of Centrifugal Slurry Pump Handling Bottom Ash
Authors:Jaiinder Preet Singh, Satish Kumar and Saroj Kumar Mohapatra





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