International Journal of Fluids Engineering (IJFE)


Volume 3, Number 4 (2011)  




Comparison of Interpolation Schemes for Incompressible Flows
Authors:N. Sreenivasalu Reddy, K. Rajagopal, P.H. Veena and V.K. Pravin


Haar Wavelet Approach to Fluid Flow between Parallel Plates
Authors:Vinod Mishra


Effect of Hall Currents and Porous Medium on Unsteady Laminar Viscous Fluid through a Circular Cylinder Bounded by a Permeable Bed
Authors:V.P. Agrawal, Navin Kumar Agrawal, Janamejay Singh
and N.K. Varshney


MHD Effects on Fully Developed Free Convection Flow of a Third Grade Fluid in a Vertical Channel
Authors:B. Aruna Kumari a and K. Ramakrishna Prasadb


Simulation of Compressible Flow in Micro-channels by Lattice Boltzmann Method
Authors:Sunil Kumar Thamida


Effect of Magnetic Field on the Peristaltic Motion of Third Grade Fluid through a Porous Medium in an Asymmetric Channel
Authors: P. Gangavathi, M.V. Subba Reddy
and A. Ramakrishana Prasad


A Characterization of Rotatory Convection in Couple-Stress Fluid
Authors: Ajaib S. Banyal and Kamal Singh




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