International Journal of Fluids Engineering (IJFE)


Volume 4, Number 2 (2012)  




Effect of Delta Tab Geometry on the Development of Rectangular Jets
pp. 45-59
Authors: A. Arokkiaswamy, S.B. Verma and S. Venkateswaran


Effects of a Magnetic Field on the Mixed Convective Flow of a Second Grade Fluid in a Vertical Channel with Permeable Walls
pp. 61-74
Authors: K. Kavitha, K. Ramakrishna Prasad, B. Aruna Kumari, A. Mahesh Babu and P. Shantan Kumar


Numerical Investigation of Various Models of Catalytic Converters in Diesel Engine to Reduce Particulate Matter and Achieve Limited Back Pressure
pp. 75-88
Authors: V.K. Pravin, K.S. Umesh, K. Rajagopal and P.H. Veena


Simulative Analysis of Flow through the Exhaust Manifold for Improved Volumetric Efficiency of a Multi Cylinder Petrol Engine
pp. 89-96
Authors: V.K. Pravin, K.S. Umesh, K. Rajagopal and P.H. Veena


Effect of Equivalent Cone Angle on the Performance of Parallel Hub Diverging Casing Annular Diffuser
pp. 97-104
Authors: Manoj Kumar, B.B. Arora and Subhashish Mazi


Study of Unsteady Laminar Fluid Flow Past a Square Cylinder in Viscous Media
pp. 105-110
Authors: Probudhya Chatterjee and Dr. Nityananda Nandi





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