International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Control (IJIEC)



Volume 11, Number 2 (2019)





Power factor correction of SRM drive with Cuk converter for Air conditioning Application
Yanbin Zhang and Guan Gui

Comparative performance Evalution of Combined Economic Dispatchand Emission Dispatch using Hybrid Search Algorithm.
Guangshun Li and Jianrong Song

Effect of inter-turn faults in modifying Line-end Coil Voltage Waveforms pertaining to low voltage Random Wound Induction Motors
Junhua Wu and Jiping Wang

Optimal Sizing and Placement of DG Units in Radial Distribution System Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Xing Liu

Reduction of Torque Ripple in 3 Phase SRM Drive using Hybrid (Intelligent) Controller
Xing Liu and Haiying Zhou

Design, Analysis and simulation of boost inverter for interfacing fuel cell system to single phase Grid
Jianwen Xiang and Shengwu Xiong

Performance Analysis of Grid Connected Hybrid System With PQ Control Technique With Different PI Values and Harmonic Effect on The System
Kun Mean Hou and Christophe de Vaulx







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