International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Control (IJIEC)



Volume 7, Number 1 (2015)





Control Simulation of Heat Transfer in Rectangular Microchannel
pp. 1-11
1B. Indulakshmi and 2G. Madhu

A Survey Of Technology Trends For The Futuristic Visible Light Communication (VLC)
pp. 13-21
Khushboo Arora and Jyoteesh Malhotra

An Overview of Condition Monitoring Techniques
pp. 23-30
Neelam Turk

Use of FFT and STFT for Diagnosis of Induction Motorís Fault
pp. 31-39
Neelam Turk

Diagnosis of Eccentricity Fault in Induction Motor
pp. 41-48
Neelam Turk
















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