International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Control (IJIEC)



Volume 8, Number 1 (2016)






pp. 1-6
Mohit Sharma, Himanshu Madaan and Meenakshi Gupta

Speech Processing for Human-Computer Interaction
pp. 7-12
Neelam Turk

Modelling for Broken Rotor Bar Fault in Induction Motor
pp. 13-18
Neelam Turk

Digital Image Watermarking Technique with Various Noise Attacks using DWT Domain
pp. 19-24
Neelam Turk

Basics of Brushless DC motor and its application in industries
pp. 25-30
Neelam Turk

Diagnosis of stator winding fault using FFT based power spectrum
pp. 31-36
Neelam Turk

An Overview on DC Motors Used in Industries
pp. 37-41
Neelam Turk
















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