International Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering (IJAME)



Volume 8  Number 1  (2018)





Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties on Aluminium Alloy 2024 -Fly Ash Metal Matrix Composite

pp. 1-11

B V Subrahmanyam, S V Gopla Krishna, Ch.Lakshmi Pornima and A.Srinivasa Rao


Dynamic Behavior of a Structure using MR Fluid Damper

pp. 13-24

G. Sailaja, N. Seetharamaiah and Maganti Janardhana


A Review on Significant Parameters and Exhaust Emissions of Four Stroke Copper Coated SI Engine with Alcohol Blended Gasoline through Catalytic Converter

pp. 25-38

D.Baswaraj, P.V.Krishna Murthy and K.Prasanna Lakshmi


Product Performance Parameter (PPP) Improvement of Inner Tie Rod for Passenger Car

pp. 39-50

Saurabh Saraf, U.S. Chavan and Deepak Kulkarni


Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Car Crash Test

pp. 51-59

Abhinav Athalye, H. G. Phakatkar and U. S. Chavan


Tool Life, Force and Surface Roughness Prediction by Variable Cutting Parameters for Coated and Uncoated Tool

pp. 61-69

Kuldip A. Baviskar, U.S. Chavan and Deepak Kulkarni


Numerical Solution of Non-Darcian Effects on Natu