International Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing Science  (IJEMS)



Volume 7, Number 2  (2017)



Innovative Weathering Course Composites & Secondary Roofing System for Thermal Insulation of Flat Roofs

Author: Elias A. Latiff, M. Mohamed Iburahim and M.S. Haji Sheik Mohammed


Comparative Study of Hyper Elastic Material Models

Author: Sneha Ramena and Arthesh Basak


Isoparametric line Sampling Strategy for Evaluation of Lower Degree Free form surface using Contact Measurement

Author: Goitom Tesfay, T.S.S. Prasad and Rega Rajendra


Urban Air Quality Monitoring and Modelling A Review

Author: Ghanshyam


A Review on Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composites by Friction Stir Processing

Author: D.S.Chandra Mouli, R. Uma Maheswara Rao and A. Sarath Kumar






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