Advances in Aerospace Science and Applications


Volume 3, Number 3 (2013)  Special Issues





Supersonic Combustion of Liquid Hydrogen using Slotted Shaped Pylon Injectors
pp. 131-136
Authors: Gokul.R and Mythri.M.S

Influence of Control Surfaces in Aircraft Wing Control Reversal Problems-FEA and CFD Analysis
pp. 137-144
Authors: N. Rajamurugu, S. Yaknesh and J. Anbarasi

A Generic Approach towards the Conversion of Destructive sound and Vibrational Energy into Useable Energy for Airplane Internal Lightning Systems
pp. 145-148
Authors: Prankul Gupta, Noman Zia and Condra Krishnakant

Advanced Trends in using Electro Anti-gravitational Propulsive Unit with Magnetically Levitated Runways in Space Missions
pp. 149-154
Authors: Prem Chand C. P, Pradeep T.S, Thirumal M and Vignesh G

Methods to Optimizing Human Error in Aviation Safety
pp. 155-160
Authors: R.S. Pravin, T. Prabha. V. Durai. N. Sivaselva Kumar

Study of Aircraft Fueling System: An Application of Refueling Operation
pp. 161-166
Authors: R. Mishra, A Katyal, S Srivastava, S. Vats, H Kamal, S.K. Chaturvedi and M Raja

Magnetic Journey of Space Shuttle
pp. 167-176
Authors: Ravi Kumar Shakya, Priya Garg, Rishabh Bana and Praveen Raj

Analysis on Costs for Aircraft Maintenance
pp. 177-182
Authors: U. PeriyarSelvam, T. Tamilselvan, S. Thilakan and M. Shanmugaraja

Pertinent Smart Materials to Improve Aerodynamic Efficiency 
pp. 183-190
Authors: Shilpa.S., Gokul Prasanth Kumar.N., Bharatharaman, S., and Siva Selva Kumar.N.

Preliminary Study of Aircraft Braking System with Emphasis on Fail-safe Technology
pp. 191-198
Authors: S. Vats, Heena, A. Katyal, H. Kamal, S.K. Chaturvedi and V.K. Patidar

Solid Rocket Motor for Experimental Sounding Rockets
pp. 199-208
Author: Sidhant Singh

Hypersonic Aerodynamics of Aerospace Vehicle Design: Basic Approach and Study
pp. 209-214
Authors: A. Katyal, S. Srivastava, M. Sharma, V. Sethi, R. Mishra, S.K. Chaturvedi and P.K. Nanduri

Magnesio-Marine Thruster
pp. 215-222
Authors: Sobin Santhosh and Guyshirjit Singh

Manufacturing and Thermal Analysis of Wind Turbine Blade 
pp. 223-226
Authors: Michael Vinodh Raj, Andrews, M. Deneshkumar and Sundar.K

On the Aerodynamic Performance of Dragonfly Wing Section in Gliding Mode
pp. 227-234
Authors: Syed Fahad Anwer, Intesaaf Ashraf, Hussain Mehdi, Akhlaq Ahmad and Grafi H

Nano-indentation Behaviour of Ultrathin Polymeric Films
pp. 235-238
Authors: Syed Vajib Ali.H, Nagamani.A, Yeshwanth.A and Sundaram.S

Liquid Oxygen Augmented Gas Core Nuclear Thermal Rocket
pp. 239-244
Authors: V. Krishnamurthy and A. Vignesh





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