International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)

Volume 3, Number 1 (2007)


Evolution of organizational adaptability: Application of hexie management theory

Jun Ma, Youmin Xi, Pengxiang Li, Ju'e Guo
School of Management, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an Shaanxi 710049, China

This article identifies organizational dynamic capabilities with adaptability and adopts the concept pof fitness landscape by Wright and the NK model of population genetics by Kauffman. The article also applies the cellular automata (CA) model to the construction of organization structure and interaction scope within organization members. In this work, members in the organization are considered as agents who own the capacity of local search and self consciousness, and the elements of He principle and Xie principle based on Hexie Management Theory are regarded as two dimensions in the organization systems. By constructing the different interaction level and the task's complexity that the organization faces, this paper simulates the effect of Hexie management theory on individual behavior and the emergence adaptation of the whole organization. The results of the simulation show that, the Xie principle, which is based on optimization, can get the organization to the better optimization by local search and the coupling of He principle and Xie principle appears strong adaptive capability under complex and turbulent task environments.

Organizational adaptation, Hexie Management Theory, NK model, Fitness Landscape.