International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 6, Number 4 spl.   (2013)





Aquatic – Air Borne Fighter
pp. 411-416
Authors: A. Shanmuga Sundaram and S. Manigandan


Equipment Performance Improvement Using Condition Based Maintenance through Vibration Analysis in Sugar Plant
pp. 423-430
Authors: Mr. M.B. Joshi and Prof. Dr. M.M. Nadakatti


Efficient and Feasible Methods to Detect Sybil Attack in VANET
pp. 431-440
Authors: Mukul Saini, Kaushal Kumar and Kumar Vaibhav Bhatnagar


Experimental & Analytical Investigation on Modified Solar Dryer with Recirculation of Air 
pp. 441-448
Authors: C. Velmurugan, S. Sivakumar, Ashwin Bala, N. Harish Kumar and S. Prithviraj


Design and Development of Cartesian Robot for Machining with Error Compensation and Chatter Reduction
pp. 449-554
Authors: N. Mithran and R. Gangadevi


Closed Loop Supply Chain Management and Reverse Logistics -A Literature Review
pp. 455-468
Authors: N. Raj Kumar and R.M. Satheesh Kumar


Reduction of Carbon Monoxide Emission during Idling in 4-stroke Spark-ignition Engined Vehicle Using Scrubber
pp. 469-476
Authors: Narendran G. Musthaq Ahamed P.A and Manokaran K


Advancement in Inflatable – “A Review” 
pp. 477-482
Author: Richa Verma


Electric Vehicle with Zero-fuel Electromagnetic Automobile Engine
pp. 483-486
Authors: J. Rithula, J. Jeyashruthi and Y Anandhi


Some Investigations on the Sound Field (Sound Propagation) Measurement in a Rectangular Room
pp. 487-494
Authors: P.K. Singh and S.J. Pawar


A Comprehensive Study of Effect on Increasing the Wire Rope Diameter in Crawler Crane
pp. 495-498
Authors:  S. Senthil, K. Amudhan, and G. Gurusaravanan


Use of Alternative Fuel in Lower Heat Rejection Engine with Different Insulation Levels
pp. 499-506
Authors: R. Lokanadham and Prof. K. Ravindranath


LIN Protocol-emerging Trend in Automotive Electronics
pp. 507-514
Authors: Sandeep R. Gadekar and Shilpa Kodgire


Measurement and Evaluation of Reliability, Availability and Maintainability of a Diesel Locomotive Engine
pp. 515-534
Authors: D. Bose, G. Ghosh, K. Mandal, S.P. Sau and S. Kunar


Stressless Gear Using Embedded System Technology
pp. 535-540
Author: Saravana Kumaar A


Decision-Making Scenario towards Supply Chain Performance Assessment in Fuzzy Context
pp. 541-556
Authors: Mr. Santosh Kumar Sahu, Saurav Datta, Saroj Kumar Patel and SS Mahapatra


Kinematic Analysis Using Neuro-fuzzy Intelligent Technique for Robotic Manipulator
pp. 557-562
Authors: Shiv Manjaree, Vijyant Agarwal and B.C. Nakra


Investigations on Surface Characterisation of Wire Electric Discharge Machined Surface of Titanium Alloy
pp. 563-570
Authors: Siva Prasad Arikatla, K. Tamil Mannan and Arkanti Krishnaiah


Indian Scenario of Solar Energy and its Application in Cooling Systems: A Review
pp. 571-578
Authors: Saurav Dubey, Sunil Chamoli and Ravi Kumar


Investigation into Metal Wire Based Variant of EMI Technique for Structural Health Monitoring
pp. 579-584
Authors: Susmita Naskar and Suresh Bhalla


Wireless Network Service Using Wi-Fi Push
pp. 585-592

Authors: Anoop Sarathy, Lokesh Bhat and Swati S. Giri






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