Advances in Aerospace Science and Applications


Volume 3, Number 2 (2013) Special Issues





Aquatic Air Borne Fighter
PP. 35-40
Authors: A. Shanmuga Sundaram and S. Manigandan

Magnesium and the Magnesium Power Engine
pp. 41-44
Authors: Sobin Santhosh and Abhilash Nair

Self Powered Electric Airplanes
pp. 45-50
Authors: Adesh Ramdas Nakashe and C. Lokesh

Antenna Design for Synthetic Aperture Radar Working on ISM Band
pp. 51-56
Authors: Amit Joshi, Sakshi Kukreti and SudhirKumar Chaturvedi

Preliminary Study of Aircraft Dynamics and Performance: High Gust Condition Aspect
pp. 57-62
Authors: A. Katyal, M. Sharma, V. Sethi, Heena, S.K. Chaturvedi, S. Joshi, and V.K. Patidar

An Initiative to Practice Total Quality Management in Aircraft Maintenance
pp. 63-68
Authors: B. Immanuel Lazur, L. Jagadeesh, B. Karthikeyan and M. Shanmugaraja

In-Space Propulsion and De-orbit of Satellites in LEO Using Electromagnetic Force
pp. 69-74
Author: Deepak Prem R

Numerical Investigation of Vicous Drag Reduction Using Riblets
pp. 75-82
Authors: Dinesh Kumar G, Vignesh Kumar R, Ajay Kumar.M, Srikanth J.V.R and Soorya Prasad

Studies on the Transition of the Flow Oscillations over an Axisymmetric Open Cavity Model
pp. 83-90
Author: J. Sinha

Design Concept of a New Flight Vehicle
pp. 91-94
Author: Junaid J

Study of Flow Field over Fabricated Airfoil Models of NACA 23015 with its Kline-fogleman Variant
pp. 95-100
Author: Karunakaran C.S

Aerial Survillence Vehicle 
pp. 101-106
Authors: Krithika.R, Manoj Kumar.D and Lokesh.K

Removal of Space Debris Using Laser
pp. 107-112
Authors: Manpreet Kaur Thind and C. Lokesh

Study on the Shock Formation over Transonic Aerofoil
pp. 113-118
Authors: Manoj Kannan G, Dominic Xavier Fernando and Praveen Kumar R

Design and Optimization of De Lavel Nozzle to Prevent Shock Induced Flow Separation
pp. 119-124
Authors: Mohan Kumar G, Dominic Xavier Fernando and R. Muthu Kumar

Analysis of Shock over NACA 66-206 at Supersonic Regime
pp. 125-130
Authors: Mohan Kumar G, Manoj Kannan G, Vignesh Kumar R, Manigandan A and Praveen G





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