Advances in Aerospace Science and Applications


Volume 4, Number 1 (2014) Special Issues





Missile Detection and Automatic Destroy System
pp. 1-6
Authors: A.M. Anushree Kirthika

Designing a GPS Based Autonomous Flight Control System for an Unmanned Airship
pp. 7-12
Authors: Avdesh Bhardawaj, Aditya Sindhu and Archit Jain

Extract of Atmospheric Errors using Pseudo Range Measurement
pp. 13-18
Authors: Ankit Bhalla, Vaibhav and Vaibhav Kaul

Microcontroller Based Airport Signal Lamp Control and Monitoring
pp. 19-24
Authors: A.M. Anushree Kirthika

Numerical Investigation of Shock wave Turbulent Boundary Layer Interaction over a 2D Compression Ramp
pp. 25-32
Authors: Asmelash Haftu Amaha

‘‘Circumferential Fan Cooling”–Elite in Turbine Life
pp. 33-36
Authors: Bala Murugan R, Vivekanandan R, Balasubramaniyan A, Sivakumar R and Senthilkumar H C

Exploring Safety Aspects of Aviation Industry
pp. 37-44
Authors: Indu Bala, Somesh Kr. Sharma, Sunanad Kumar and Rajnish Shrivastava

“Flying Saucer Rocket Propulsion” – Dominant Revolution in Space Exploration
pp. 53-58
Authors: Jeyaseenivas J, Sudhakar A, Dhayanithi M, Ramkumar G and Ranga Raj R

Vision Based Tracking for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
pp. 59-64
Authors: M. Raja, Akshay Srivastava, Abhishek Dwivedi and Himanshu Tiwari

Magnetic Wheel Shaft 
pp. 65-72
Authors: M. Anantha Kumar

Impact of Environmental Factors on Aviation Safety
pp. 73-78
Authors: Madhavi Kushwaha and Somesh Kumar Sharma

Review on Opportunities and Difficulties with HCNG as a Future Fuel for Internal Combustion Engine
pp. 79-84
Authors: Priyanka Goyal and S.K. Sharma

Flight Simulation Using Graphical User Interface
pp. 85-90
Authors: A. Kalra, P. Anand and S. Singh

Design and Development of Micro Aerial Vehicle
pp. 91-98
Authors: S. Singh, M Sahanpal, A. Narula, J Kaur, Y. Rao and A.B. Amar

Sounding Rocket Design for Improved Stability and Augmented Payload Carrying Capacity
pp. 99-102
Authors: Sidhant Singh

An Approach to Inverter-less STATCOM by Using Dual Virtual Quadrature Source Concept
pp. 103-112
Authors: Vivek Kumar






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